Jewels Six

you won’t believe how many new jewellery collections were released in the past week, so i thought it was an incredibly appropriate moment to do another Jewels compilation. this is a mixed bag of treats – so i’m sure there is something you would like. also: great gift ideas. also,…

Crescioni Spring 2016

Californian jewellery line Crescioni has a new Spring collection on the block, and i gotta say i love the big chunky pieces – especially all the brass earrings. women need to wear more jewellery at the beach, huh? i feel like this is a very cool department we’re not tapping. swimwear by…

Krysos + Chandi

Krysos + Chandi is a Brooklyn based jewellery label by designer Avneet Basi, who takes inspiration from the mythology and culture of ancient Greece and India. Khrysos is the name from the Greek God of gold, and Chandi is the Hindi word for silver. this is her beautiful new collection… Since ancient times, women, men…

Kate Miss FW15

i have been following Kate Miss online, in some form, since forever ever. back in the day i got to know her through her old blog For Me, For You and she felt like a kindred spirit in a sea of lifestyle blogs – both of our day jobs are as graphic designers,…

Saskia Diez

i never thought i’d be into pearls, but damn these pieces by German based jewellery line Saskia Diez are beautiful. i especially love this delicate pearl bracelet and the pearl pop rings. there are also plenty of fine gold pieces for the minimalists out there, as well as these bunny & cat…

Shani Jacobi

the star of Shani Jacobi’s wonderful jewellery are these “ear jacket” LOVE earrings that i think are just about the coolest thing ever. she makes them in a variety of other styles too. in fact all her jewellery is pretty awesome. i also love these graphic studs. you can shop it all on…

Jewels Cinq

another edition of Jewels! i seem to do one of these a year, but i think i need to do them more frequently because they’re such a nice way to offer up a wide variety of jewellery designers. i know we all have different tastes, so hopefully some – or…

Crescioni FW 15

it is the hottest day ever in Cape Town today, quite literally. at 42 °C we are officially the hottest city in the world right now. so the thought of swanning around in a desert is not super appealing, but the beautiful new Crescioni FW15 lookbook actually makes me consider the possibility for a…

Fashion Frenzy!

i’ve had so many great new lookbooks & collections floating on my radar the past couple of days, and so decided to share them all in one amazing, mega, Fashion Frenzy post! featuring Brookes Boswell, Young Frankk, Yo Vintage and the collaboration of Adriaan Kuiters x Jody Paulsen x Pichulik.

Mignonne Handmade

i got unexpectedly caught up in a serious wedding frenzy when we got married, something i wasn’t anticipating. the excitement can turn even the most blasé and un-girly girl into a sudden pinterest addict. don’t get me wrong, it was fun. i look back fondly on my wedding induced madness.

Anna Ławska

an awesome way to kick off my first lookbook feature of the new year is this beautiful shoot for Polish designer Anna Ławska, photographed by Piotr Czyż. how cool is that ear cuff? you can follow Anna on Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook and shop her pieces at Etsy.

Black Betty: Shapeshifters

Black Betty is a local jewellery line by Kristin Weixelbaumer, a designer based in Cape Town who started her range after travelling through India for 6 months. Kristin is especially interested in the healing properties of the stones they use in their pieces, all of which are ethically sourced, naturally formed and hand cut.

Upper Metal Class

Upper Metal Class is another wonderful jewellery line out of Portland, headed up by T Ngu. she just released three new collections – Arc, Grace and Wave.

Jane Heng

Jane Heng is an Australian designer who splits her time between Melbourne and her country of heritage Cambodia, where she works closely with artisans and fair trade partner workshops to create fine jewellery, silk and ceramic pieces. i looooooooooove these little ceramic stacking vases, perfect for holding single blooms AND your…


Minoux was one of my first sponsors way back when, a fun jewellery line that was all pops of colour. creator Kristen took a break from making jewellery for a while to pursue other passions, but now she’s relaunched Minoux with a new minimalist range.