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  • Olivia Terrell Jewellery

    Olivia Terrell

    sometimes i like jewellery to be delicate & almost unnoticeable, something that peeks out from the folds of your blouse or is so innocuous you only notice when the light catches it at a…

  • Giant Lion FW14

    Giant Lion FW14

    my favourite piece from the new Giant Lion FW14 collection has to be these arc studs. you can shop the entire collection here. lookbook photographed by Arrowood Photography…

  • Young Frankk FW14

    Young Frankk FW14

    i really shouldn’t have to introduce Young Frankk to you by now. Christine Young’s jewellery line has been featured here countless times – and it is as beautiful as ever. this is her…

  • Bone Couture

    Bone Couture

    Anna Raimondo of Smith Jewellery actually studied at university at the same time as me, and consequently we’d often pass each other in the hallways since the graphic and jewellery design students all worked in…

  • Rebecca Gladstone

    Rebecca Gladstone

    i’ve always been much more of a gold jewellery kinda girl myself, but these silver pieces by Rebecca Gladstone are lovely – especially modelled on this blonde girl with the cool haircut. you…

  • Datter Industries // Jewellery by Kaye Blegvad


    Kaye Blegvad has just released a new collection & killer lookbook for her jewellery line Datter. she collaborated with photographer & artist Sabine Timm aka Virgin Honey who makes these amazing compositions out…

  • FARIS // Miss Moss

    Faris: Louise

    remember Faris? here’s their lovely new jewellery collection Louise. shop here. For fall/winter I’ve tapped into my influential roots ; modern art. Referencing eras from Bauhuas to Memphis Milano, LOUISE came to…

  • Miss Moss: Jewels Quatre

    Jewels Quatre

    another edition of Jewels! it’s been a while. please click on the images to be taken to the relevant shop / designer.…

  • Another Feather

    Another Feather: Pearl

    Hannah Ferrara is one of my favourite people to follow online, not only because of her beautiful jewellery line Another Feather, she’s also a fine, fine Instagrammer. she has just launched the new collection…

  • Pichulik AW14

    Pichulik A14

    ooh another of my favourite jewellery designers has just launched their new AW14 collection, and this time it’s local designer Pichulik. i have long been a cheerleader of Kat’s work (since her…

  • preview

    Wsake ’14

    i’m always excited to see what father daughter duo Anna and Waldemar Artmann of Wsake have up their proverbial sleeves. they are making some of the most unique and exciting (yet accessible) jewellery…

  • Kontora Sisters
    Art, Fashion

    Kontora Sisters

    the Kontora Sisters are Katya and Nastia from Simferopol, a city on the Crimean peninsula in the Ukraine. Katya makes jewellery and Nastia is an illustrator (she also takes the photographs seen…

  • LaMalconttenta


    LaMalconttenta is a spanish brand by designer Lydia de la Piñera, who is one of those multi-talented people who illustrates, makes jewellery, ceramics and prints. you can buy all these sweet things…

  • Rill Rill SS14

    Rill Rill SS14

    holy hell, jewellery designer Katie Freedle has outdone herself with her new SS14 collection for Rill Rill! for real, real (sorry). i posted about her previous collection last year, and what a progression.…