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Faris: Louise

remember Faris? here’s their lovely new jewellery collection Louise. shop here. For fall/winter I’ve tapped into my influential roots ; modern art. Referencing eras from Bauhuas to Memphis Milano, LOUISE came to be. Named after a favorite icon, Louise Nevelson, for her bold style and pioneering persona. The entire collection…

Miss Moss: Jewels Quatre

Jewels Quatre

another edition of Jewels! it’s been a while. please click on the images to be taken to the relevant shop / designer.

Another Feather

Another Feather: Pearl

Hannah Ferrara is one of my favourite people to follow online, not only because of her beautiful jewellery line Another Feather, she’s also a fine, fine Instagrammer. she has just launched the new collection for her line, Pearl. she styled the beautiful lookbook herself and it features another stylish woman modelling the…

Pichulik AW14

Pichulik A14

ooh another of my favourite jewellery designers has just launched their new AW14 collection, and this time it’s local designer Pichulik. i have long been a cheerleader of Kat’s work (since her debut 2 years ago) and love seeing the label go from strength to strength. sporting a fancy new…


Wsake ’14

i’m always excited to see what father daughter duo Anna and Waldemar Artmann of Wsake have up their proverbial sleeves. they are making some of the most unique and exciting (yet accessible) jewellery out there. here’s their new collection. i loooooooove those brass hair combs! be sure to check out their website…

Kontora Sisters

Kontora Sisters

the Kontora Sisters are Katya and Nastia from Simferopol, a city on the Crimean peninsula in the Ukraine. Katya makes jewellery and Nastia is an illustrator (she also takes the photographs seen here). i like that their styles complement each other. also check out Nastia’s other illustrative work here and follow Katya on…



LaMalconttenta is a spanish brand by designer Lydia de la Piñera, who is one of those multi-talented people who illustrates, makes jewellery, ceramics and prints. you can buy all these sweet things at her online shop. I studied graphic design artistic photography and digital media. However, I was always enjoyed…

Rill Rill SS14

Rill Rill SS14

holy hell, jewellery designer Katie Freedle has outdone herself with her new SS14 collection for Rill Rill! for real, real (sorry). i posted about her previous collection last year, and what a progression. shop it here. The RillRill SS14 collection incorporates a material less commonly used in jewelry making, marble. The designs embody…

For Oms

For Oms

For Oms is an interesting jewellery line based in China. they also have an online shop. The original intention when ForOms was founded is trying to enlarge the space inside every piece of jewelry, to fill it with spirit and knowledge, therefore turn jewelry into a carrier to convey concept…

Bandelier // Collection II

Bandelier: Collection II

even though i posted about Bandelier not even a few weeks ago, i thought the newly launched lookbook for Collection II aka Fall 2014 (the disparity in seasons confuse me, too) would be a nice way to wrap up the week. have a great weekend, everybody.


Elis Kauppi

i thought i would delve into some design history today, for a change, mostly because i want to learn & teach myself about these things. so much of the awesome creativity i share on the blog is likely influenced by someone or something, and it’s always good to go back…



Andria Crescioni is the designer behind Bandelier, a southern California based jewellery label that takes inspiration from traditional craft and culture, with each piece made by hand by Andria herself. she graduated from Parsons School of Design and that’s where she became hooked on working with leather as a medium and…


Of A Kind Giveaway!

those amazing ladies at Of A Kind are kindly offering another awesome giveaway! this is our fifth together, and i think that 5 might be our lucky number. this time round i got to pick some unique, handmade jewellery pieces that i personally love. everyone has their way of accessorising.…

Cold Picnic

Cold Picnic FW14

Cold Picnic has just released their FW 14 collection, The Return of Han-Sur-Lesse. wouldn’t you love to bury yourself in those wall hangings? i personally would not be able to stop rubbing myself all over those fluffy walls that the cute model is standing in front of. not to mention those…

FARIS jewellery


Faris Du Graf is an artist & jewellery designer from Seattle whose line FARIS has a new collection & lookbook called Tropical Modernism. the jewellery itself is beautifully unique, and the ultra creative lookbook just adds to its overall awesomeness. you can buy the pieces at their online shop. love…