Endswell is a new unisex ring collection by designers Rachel Gant and Andrew Deming, who also run Yield Design Co. the rings are cast with solid gold from 3d prints, how cool is that? the vision for Endswell started in 2012 when they designed wedding bands for close friends of theirs. they have just released their inaugural collection of statement pieces, “for any occasion or no occasion at all.”

Erin Considine

Erin Considine SS14

okay so everyone has a few go-to stories they like to tell after they’ve been on a trip somewhere, and probably my favourite one from NYC is meeting Erin Considine on the subway on our first day in New York. Anton and i were waiting in a station somewhere in Manhattan, i forget where, we had just been out and about all day after a long flight and we were bushed and kind of in a daze. so i notice this stylish girl in a big hat walk through the turnstile and the next moment she turns to us and says, “excuse me…” i couldn’t believe it when she introduced herself, as i am of course familiar with her work and we happen to follow each other on twitter. what are the odds that i would run into someone that i kinda-sorta-know on our first day in a city full of millions of people? so as you can well imagine, i just love telling this story.

Cities in Dust


Cities in Dust is a jewellery label by designer Meghan Lorenz, whose story begins where many designers do – she couldn’t find the kind of jewellery she wanted to wear, so she began making her own. you can see her work at her website, and shop her range on etsy. this is the lookbook for the new Cities in Dust FW 13 range, photographed by Julia Stotz.

Pichulik SS14


One of my FAVOURITE creative duos, photographer Alix-Rose Cowie and stylist slash advertising whizz gal slash most fashionable girl in Cape Town Kate Desmarais have created a beautiful lookbook for local jewellery range Pichulik. I’m blogging about this from NYC, because I couldn’t wait, but also because even though I am surrounded by cool shit over here – I’m really, REALLY proud of what’s going on back home. I am reminded of that every day as we walk the streets of Brooklyn and Manhattan.