Jewels Sept

are you familiar with my Jewels posts? well sometimes i get overwhelmed with the wonderful array of new jewellery out there, and rather than dedicating a post to every single designer i compile a compendium of sorts instead. i’ve been numbering them in French (who KNOWS why) and this is…

Miss Moss: Jewels Six

Jewels Six

you won’t believe how many new jewellery collections were released in the past week, so i thought it was an incredibly appropriate moment to do another Jewels compilation. this is a mixed bag of treats – so i’m sure there is something you would like. also: great gift ideas. also,…

Miss Moss: Jewels Cinq

Jewels Cinq

another edition of Jewels! i seem to do one of these a year, but i think i need to do them more frequently because they’re such a nice way to offer up a wide variety of jewellery designers. i know we all have different tastes, so hopefully some – or…

Miss Moss: Jewels Quatre

Jewels Quatre

another edition of Jewels! it’s been a while. please click on the images to be taken to the relevant shop / designer.


Jewels Deux

i’ve been noticing some beautiful new jewellery & lookbooks around, so considering this post was pretty popular i thought i’d expand on that thought. please click on the images to be taken to the relevant designer / shop.



jewellery is something that i love in theory, but never really wear. maybe i’ll sport a ring now and then, or a necklace if i’m feeling really flashy – but mostly i don’t really accessorise as much as i should. this past weekend i bought a new necklace from skermunkil…