Kate Miss FW15

Kate Miss FW15

i have been following Kate Miss online, in some form, since forever ever. back in the day i got to know her through her old blog For Me, For You and she felt like a kindred spirit in a sea of lifestyle blogs – both of our day jobs are as graphic designers, we share similar taste in fashion and music, and we even planned our weddings and got married a month apart. also, i’m sure she gets just as many ‘Kate Moss’ jokes as i get ‘Diana Ross’ jokes.


the latest collection from Ermie is like eating rainbow ice cream cake with my eyes. designer Jennifer Parry Dodge manipulates images in Photoshop to create her distinctive textiles designs. you can read an interview with her here. her latest collection also includes jewellery by Ancient Pocket and accessories by Cheryl Cambas. the lookbook was photographed by Kate Miss.

Kate: Things I like right now

i wasn’t sure how to write this introduction about kate without sounding like a fan-girl nut job. i’ve been reading for me, for you for as long as i have been reading blogs (and chances are you do too.) hers was one of the first to go into my reader when i figured out what rss feeds were – a glorious day, that was. i live vicariously through her bits of my weekend posts and i’d like to pretend that wendy would actually like me if i ever met her (cat cuddles?)