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  • Paintings of the Fens

    Paintings of the Fens

    Fred Ingrams is an artist who after working for many years in London as a painter, graphic designer & art director moved to Norfolk in the late 90s, where he recently became obsessed with painting…

  • missy

    Missy Prince

    i’m doing this thing now where i’m picking random dates in my archives and looking up people i posted about years ago. Missy Prince is a Portland based photographer, originally from Mississippi,…

  • small-paintings

    Ian Grose

    Ian Grose is an artist who lives in Cape Town whose focus is painting. he has a tumblr called Small Paintings that are, well, small paintings. and extraordinary ones at that. i…

  • Photography

    Jocelyn Catterson

    much like previously featured Kevin Russ and Nicola Odemann, 21 year old Jocelyn Catterson beautifully documents her love for the great outdoors. she shares photos of her travels to National Parks across the states…

  • Photography

    Kevin Russ

    perhaps one day if i’m lucky enough i’ll get to do a great american road trip, but for now i can live vicariously through the photographs of Kevin Russ. you’re probably thinking…

  • Photography

    Pools of Colour

    imagine being dip-dyed in a pool of colour. – the above were taken in Taupo, New Zealand by Stevie Peerenboom – taken at the Krafla Volcano, Iceland by Mark Lukoyanichev – taken at Mammoth Hot Springs,…

  • Art, Music

    Gregory Euclide & Bon Iver

    i’ve been holding out on listening to the new Bon Iver album because i’ve been hearing so much about it online and fear a bit of a build up / let down…

  • Photography

    The Lake

    such perfectly moody photographs from tarokuchi all photographs by tarokuchi…

  • Art

    jonathan zawada / over time

    i spotted australian artist jonathan zawada‘s striking neon landscapes on one of those sites like fffound / tumblr where people don’t bother to include any information, so after a bit of digging around…

  • Art, Photography

    mountains beyond mountains

    a gallery wall dedicated entirely to mountains seems like a good plan. alexis mire nozaki shinjiro meadowmom albert bierstadt martin schmidt paul k…

  • Photography

    randy martin

    i want to be the girl in these photos by randy martin ps: happy weekend.…