slowest motion miracle

fjord landscape with a girl – hans andreas dahl

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poplar & white pine

alfred joseph casson

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i went for a long sunday walk last week in my neighbourhood forest, toting my camera along like a good girl, only to realise that i had left the battery in its charger back home. shit!  these photos by capture the feeling of that walk (except a thousand times better than i might have done). the forests are also just slightly more amazing Рjust like heaven.

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mountain scene

mountain scene – stanislav zhukovsky

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maroon bells

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snow - 1904cuno amiet

so perfect i could burst looking at it. image from freeparking

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landscape with houses

if you were ever near an art school in your youth or more likely as part of your tertiary education, you probably had to do light & colour exercises – where the different combinations of hues & shades would influence the object and how it looked in its surroundings. so i really smiled when i saw these house & landscape studies by maria zaikana – read more about the project here

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please, please, please let me get what i want

i’d like a wet winter now, please! i’d also like a farm, and perhaps some sheep.

the return of the flock – charles sprague pearce

photo by steve spraggon

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at work (1910?)nikolay bogdanov-belsky

birch trees are my favourite.

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