Nicola Odemann

Nicola Odemann

i have posted about Nicola Odemann before, but somehow the images in the post have disappeared. mmm, i suppose if you have had a blog going for 7 off years there will be some digital casualties along the way (i imagine the internet to eat files like the dreaded sarlacc, to…

Petros Koublis

Petros Koublis

Petros Koublis is a photographer from Greece whose relationship with photography began in 2000, after dedicating many years to painting. he developed his own style through constant personal exploration and his website shows a series of interesting themes that you can explore here. i’m most taken by his photographs of…


Robert Kaczyński

i know a lot of people have been complaining about the new flickr (oh don’t you hate it when a service you use just does something like that without warning) – but personally i only use it to browse other people’s work, and i am really enjoying the new photostreams.…

Long Bach Nguyen

the work of pilot & photographer Long Nguyen made me so jealous i almost punched my computer. kidding! kind of. after spending an age looking at his incredible photographs i had such a feeling of gratitude for the fact that he’s shared them, giving us a veritable bird’s eye view into…

Fumio Watanabe

you know, i swear a LOT in real life. i first spotted Fumio Watanabe’s work on Kistina’s tumblr, and when i clicked through to his portfolio i actually said, out loud, “fucking hell.” i try to keep things clean on the blog because i know a lot of people don’t appreciate…

mountains beyond mountains

a gallery wall dedicated entirely to mountains seems like a good plan. alexis mire nozaki shinjiro meadowmom albert bierstadt martin schmidt paul k


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americana roadtrip

one of the many reasons i want to visit the states is to someday partake in a great american road trip. kyle johnson and friends did just that, and photographed some beautiful landscapes. see the entire set at flickr.

crystal lake

this is obersee, a lake that is connected to the larger königssee, in the german state of bavaria. these lakes were formed by glaciers in the last ice age, and have the cleanest water in germany. it is quite possibly one of the most beautiful places i have ever seen!…