These Walls

it’s funny that i have never done any kind of house tour, but the truth is our place is not pinterest worthy. not that it has to be. i could show you pics of the dishes in the sink and the weird basket i keep under the bathroom cabinet that’s filled with toiletries that are probably 5 years old (but i can’t seem to bring myself to throw away? what’s with that). but, you know, it’s not that cool. we don’t live in a magazine house and we probably never will.

but i do enjoy sharing the occasional snippet on instagram, when i have tidied and the light is hitting some magical corner of the flat just at the right moment. i decided to put all our art and prints up on the bare walls last week – so, here are some of our nice corners.

These Walls // Miss Moss shares bits of her apartment

this is the wall above our dining room table – the biggest and most intimidating one of all. i rearranged those pics about 20 times before deciding on an arrangement. then i left them for 24 hours before finally thinking, okay that’ll do. even now i’m not 100% sure about it. but the beauty is i can always rearrange them. some of the artists pictured from left to right: Andrzej Urbanski, bird print by João Lelo, unknown graphic artist, painting of Paris by my dad, goodbye winter print by Jordan Metcalf, heart cut-outs by Karen Cronje, lion around by Katrin Coetzer.

These Walls // Miss Moss shares bits of her apartment

our entrance hallway. notice my hair brush peeking out of the right corner. that kind of crap is always lying around the flat, i can’t even manage to hide it when i’m trying to take a nice picture. the big gold frame was found at a charity shop, and i printed out the vintage poster on the cheap. embroidered Girl with a Pearl Earring also found at a charity shop.

These Walls // Miss Moss shares bits of her apartment

this is the sentimental wall in our lounge. thumb prints from our wedding, two photographs from our recent road trip, wooden bench inherited from Anton’s gran, statue of Diana / Artemis given to me by Anton’s mom (who got it from her mother-in-law), photo from our wedding, etc.

These Walls // Miss Moss shares bits of her apartment

Anton’s reading / TV watching chair, which we got from Space for Life.

These Walls // Miss Moss shares bits of her apartment

the huge print was a gift from my friend Jessica who inherited from the previous owners of her old restaurant. the shelves are from Vamp.

These Walls // Miss Moss shares bits of her apartment

our decidedly unglamorous bedroom wall, complete with mismatched side tables and bedside lamps! notice all the books on Anton’s side and zero on mine. pillows from Nest in stellenbosch.

These Walls // Miss Moss shares bits of her apartment

my “dressing table”. print from Fieldguided. painting by my talented sister-in-law given to me for my bridal shower (she knows i love Frida). mirror from Vamp.



in light of yesterday’s post you can probably imagine that things are quite busy around here, so in lieu of a regular blog post – here’s another lately. these are all taken in my iPhone 4S and they are usually always posted on Instagram.

first, i have a poll of sorts running on this photo i posted on Instagram, asking if people would potentially be interested in buying bags like this on the blog. please weigh in!

Miss Moss // Bags

my most popular photo on IG lately, this insanely picturesque winter scene at Dornier Wine Estate. go there for the wine and the scenery, but not the food – it’s crap.

Miss Moss // DornierMiss Moss // Dornier

speaking of food, we had the BEST MEAL EVER at Hallelujah, a tiny asian tapas / champagne bar in Tamboerskloof. uuuuugh my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Miss Moss // Hallelujah

some evening scenes from walks around my neighbourhood, Sea Point.

Miss Moss // Sea PointMiss Moss // Sea PointMiss Moss // Sea PointMiss Moss // Sea Point

just another winter’s day in Cape Town.

Miss Moss // Hout Bay

i am enjoying all the old buildings that surround my office in the CBD.

Miss Moss // Cape Town

and the scenes i come across walking around some days.

Miss Moss // Cape TownMiss Moss // Street Food on BreeMiss Moss // Cape Town

we went to see Daniel’s exhibition at the Stevenson (now finished) amazing in person.

Miss Moss // Stevenson

i got a new desk made by Stokperd – it is white and glossy and beautiful, and i am constantly worried i’m going to chip it.

Miss Moss // Desk

some more vignettes from the studio, which i share with this gal & this gal.

Miss Moss // StudioMiss Moss // StudioMiss Moss // StudioMiss Moss // Studio
Miss Moss // Bag from Country Road
Miss Moss // Studio
Miss Moss // StudioMiss Moss // Studio

really enjoying winter….

Miss Moss // Winter

still buying too many plants.

Miss Moss' Home

my husband got into bread baking this month. i’m trying not to blame Masterchef Australia.

Miss Moss // Bread

not only does he bake us bread, he bought me this beautiful limited edition Momo!

Miss Moss // Momo

been thinking of getting my scarf from Klaus Haapaniemi framed and hang it on the wall. it’s too amazing to wear around my neck – so big and beautiful and detailed.

Miss Moss // Scarf by Klaus Haapaniemi

got some nice things in the mail lately. a lovely thank you package from Wsake:

Miss Moss // Wsake

and the new edition of Spaces by Frankie Magazine:

Miss Moss // Spaces

and, my incredibly pertinent to-do list:

Miss Moss // To Do List

(i really do have more to do than that, though)



hello my friends. sorry, that sounds like the beginning of a spam email – but i assure you it’s not. i haven’t posted since launching that amazing Rennes Giveaway earlier this week because i have unfortunately been sick. perhaps that is why this post sounds a bit barmy (it’s the painkillers, you see). anyway i wanted to assure you i am still here, and that posting shall be resuming with new vim and vigour. in the meantime, here’s what has been up… lately.

sunsets in Sea Point, and the last days of summer:

Miss Moss

my new office!! before:

Miss Moss

and after, sorta. watch this space.

Miss Moss

temporary wall hangings above my desk, thanks washi tape:

Miss Moss

the view :)

Miss Moss

we got a boat!!! well, Anton bought an old boat. what should we call it? we’re going to pretend we’re in a Peter Stuyvesant commercial while cruising around in it.

Miss Moss

easter came and went, and it was glorious. lots of buns were eaten:

Miss Moss

we spent a nice a morning at Groot Constantia:

Miss Moss Miss Moss cg-3 Miss Moss Miss Moss

getting ready for winter with two new pairs of Rasox:

Miss Moss

almost bought this exquisite Jamie Lee Curtis vinyl:

Miss Moss

and my week ended off paging through a copy of the lovely MOON Magazine (in bed):

Miss Moss Miss Moss Miss Moss



as much as i protest against summer (it’s the heat! the heat) it does make for gorgeous photo opportunities, especially if you live in a very snap-worthy place like Cape Town. i’m quite amazed by what i can capture, just wandering along on a daily walk or whatever, with my iPhone. here’s the evidence of that. you can follow all my snaps over at Instagram.

Queen's Beach, Sea Point, Cape Town by Miss Moss

a colourful brolly on a sunday morning – Queen’s Beach, Sea Point.

Sea Point Pool by Miss Moss
Sea Point Pool by Miss Moss

Sea Point Pool

Saunders Rock, Sea Point by Miss Moss

Saunder’s Rock in Sea Point, many people go here for a dip in the afternoons after work.

view of Clifton beaches, Cape Town by Miss Moss

the view looking over Clifton’s beaches

Bantry Bay bench by Miss Moss

benches along the promenade


the detailing on some of the apartment buildings is just wonderful


probably one of the grandest places in CT, the Mount Nelson


enjoying some fresh flowers at home


baskets we brought back from the Transkei


yellow MOMO in the bedroom

Nikes by Miss Moss

new Nikes!

Miss Moss house

a yellow corner (Manhattan poster now looming over us after everything that has happened this week…)

Miss Moss house

a weird plant that i bought on a whim, for its weirdness.

Miss Moss

so classic, so eighties.

Aesop by Miss Moss

indulging in too much Aesop (gifts, they were gifts.)

Bread by Miss Moss

eating home made bread….

Breakfast by Miss Moss

…then trying to make up for it by not having any carbs for a day.

Spiral Slicer by Miss Moss

making zucchini pasta! get a spiral slicer, it will be your new best friend.

The Table by Miss Moss

eating the best food at The Table.

The Table by Miss Moss

…and actually enjoying summer, i guess.


Stuff Lately

this is what’s been happening offline lately! if you follow me on twitter and instagram you’ll probably be up to speed.

i moved out of my old home…

Miss Moss / Lately

…into a wonderful new home!

Miss Moss / Lately

luckily for me there is a plant shop right across the road from said new home

Miss Moss / Lately

i’ve been making new friends. actually, not with the fearsome little guy on the left – even though i desperately wanted to. but i did make friends with a neighbourhood cat, who i might lure inside someday and never let go.

Miss Moss / Lately

i received some amazing things in the post!

left: clutch by Lee Coren. right: zebra print cardigan from Cardigan NY

Miss Moss / Lately

left: amaaaaazing ring from Julie Cohn. right: incredibly handy foldable laptop stand from Kraftisan.

Miss Moss / Lately

even though i complain about the heat, summer in Cape Town is damn impressive.

Miss Moss / Lately

been enjoying rooftop movies (left) and always appreciating old school cars (and cottages):

Miss Moss / Lately

summer = tons and tons of granadillas:

Miss Moss / Lately

i started the Whole30

Miss Moss / Lately

…and lasted just over a week (pathetic)

Miss Moss / Lately

i visited Jess & Luke at their pop-up restaurant at Pier Rabe in Stellenbosch. that’s a fig and custard danish with lavender and honeycomb ice-cream. there was actual honeycomb inside.

Miss Moss / Lately

Pier Rabe is a very dangerous place.

Miss Moss / Lately

they do wonderful displays to entice you to part with your cash.

Miss Moss / Lately

always appreciating the glory that is the pooches.

Miss Moss / Lately

and, the best for last. i received the most beautiful thing i have ever owned from the greatest man i’ve ever known.

Miss Moss / Lately

here’s the story behind the ring.

last year Anton approached Karin from Dear Rae to design (the world’s most beautiful) engagement ring. they set out to find a rose cut diamond, an antique cut that has less facets than a modern brilliant cut diamond. after weeks and weeks of searching they were still coming up empty handed. rose cut diamonds are rare to find because diamond merchants hunt them down and re-cut them into brilliant diamonds so that they’re worth more on the diamond market.

so when we got engaged Anton proposed to me with a beaded ring his grandmother, who used to be a jeweller, made from Xhosa beads that they bought from the ladies on the beach in the Transkei (a common sight if you’ve ever been to that part of the country). he told me that my real ring was coming, but i was so deliriously happy that i didn’t care – and just knew that he probably had some amazing plan up his sleeve.

meanwhile back in Cape Town, Karin was scouring through the Long Street Antique Arcade when she came upon an antique ring that had an old mine cut diamond in it. a predecessor to the modern brilliant cut diamonds, these were usually shaped and cut by hand making the facets quite large and the shape uniquely asymmetrical.

it is set in a matte gold band, and Anton gave it to me on Valentines day by the sea where we had our first ever date. aaw, shucks. it’s the most amazing thing i have ever worn and will ever call my own. the story behind it makes the ring a thousand times more precious than it already is, something i hope to pass on to some lucky grandkid someday.




hello! i am still away on holiday, but i thought i’d let you know (if you don’t follow me on twitter or instagram) that Anton and i got engaged yesterday! we got up at 5am to go watch the sun rise over the sea from the cliffs at Kei. i jumped out of the car as soon as we got there to snap some pics on my iPhone, like a true instagram nerd, and when i turned around to look at him he asked… and I said yes. oh, what a feeling.

we drank some champagne and i quickly downloaded an app so we could take a self timed photo (the reception was really great on that hill) and then some curious Nguni cattle came to witness the whole thing. it was the most amazing morning, and we are still in a glorious, happy daze.

i will be back in the swing of things from next week. hope that everyone had a great holiday season, looking forward to the year to come!