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  • Fait La Force
    Fashion, Living

    Fait La Force

    NY based designer Emma Allen has been volunteering in Haiti since she was a teen. On a trip to seek out production capabilities, in the hopes of using her design skills to foster job creation,…

  • Crescioni: Collection III


    california based designer Andria Crescioni just released her latest collection under the new name Crescioni – formerly Bandelier. the lookbook was shot in the desert of southern california by photographer Andrew Lee, and…

  • The Modern Loafer

    The Modern Loafer

    The Modern Loafer from Everlane. it does not get better than this.…

  • Eleven Thirty

    Eleven Thirty

    “oh my god how many bags do you NEED, Diana?!” – is a conversation i have with myself pretty much every week. i have never been much of a fan of cow…

  • all-hands-preview

    All Hands

    Jen Stillwell is a designer based in NYC who started her leather company All Hands when she was working on a ship, travelling around the world as a member of an artisan…

  • SUL


    i really feel like my bag obsession is getting out of hand. sometimes i think i might to have to buy duplicate wallets and cosmetics and keys just so i can keep a…

  • Georgie Cummings

    Georgie Cummings

    i want Georgie Cummings to come to my house with her gold marker pen and draw all over all of the things. i love her new collection Symmetry, which you can shop here.…

  • Rennes giveaway! Enter to win one of these Mini Duffle bags.

    Rennes Giveaway!

    the giveaway is now closed. thanks for entering! - i’ve been looking forward to this giveaway, because i have long been an admirer of Rennes. working from her studio in Boston, Julia has been…

  • Thisispaper Shop

    Thisispaper Shop II

    around this time last year i blogged about the launch of Thisispaper Shop. they have just relaunched, with a brand new website and new products. i particularly love all their bags, which…

  • Lotuff in Marfa

    Lotuff in Marfa

    remember i posted about Lotuff last year? well they are literally going places. the leather bag company has recently collaborated with Barneys (aka, made the big time) and then got super cool,…

  • Mum & Co

    Mum & Co

    i love these pink pink pink leather bags by Mum & Co. so lush. the story behind these delightful bags is very sweet, go read it here, but in short – Mum…

  • Bandelier


    Andria Crescioni is the designer behind Bandelier, a southern California based jewellery label that takes inspiration from traditional craft and culture, with each piece made by hand by Andria herself. she graduated…

  • The Stowe // Miss Moss

    The Stowe

    i discovered The Stowe while browsing Craft & Culture, who are one of my sponsors – please have a gander on the right and support these amazing shops! designer Molly Spittal makes my…

  • 006


    &Attorney is an Australian shoe brand that, upon browsing through their website, made me say out loud – “i want that one, and that one, and that one, and that one…” from…