Lauren Hom Travel Posters. help this designer fund a round-the-world trip by buying a sweet poster!

26 Letters 26,000 Miles

you’ll probably remember designer & letterer extraordinaire Lauren Hom from her great Daily Dishonesty project from a few years back. Lauren has just launched a series of travel-inspired, hand-lettered posters to help fundraise her dream of a round the world trip: 26 Letters 26,000 Miles. In January 2016, I’m selling all of my belongings, stuffing…

Seb Lester

Seb Lester is a designer & illustrator from the UK who practices calligraphy to sharpen his skills as a type designer. he shares snapshots of his sketchbook on Instagram, showcasing his impressive skills and doubly impressive foul mouth. these made me laugh, it’s always nice to see people not taking…

If Not Now Then When

my pinterest obsession reached a peak at one stage and has now mellowed down to occasional pinning in order to remember interesting things i’ve seen around (that i usually don’t blog about) – mostly great design work that usually makes me quite jealous of awesomely talented people. this first quote in particular is at…

katie kirk invite

katie kirk

wedding invitation stationery by katie kirk (love that they’re so bright and cheerful)