Rose Dor Farm

Rose Dor Farm: They lose a pound a day the "Milk Farm" way!

so i have been trying to get back on the exercise bandwagon. it’s tough, really tough if you’ve been off it for long enough. but the soreness you experience the day after an intense session is pretty great and encouraging! by intense session i mean, 15 minutes of circuits and then lying on the floor feeling sorry for myself. don’t worry, i’ll get there.

Sophia’s Villa

Sophia's Villa

this set of photos of Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti at their villa in Rome, taken in 1964 by Alfred Eisenstaedt, was one of the first stories i discovered in the Life Magazine archives way back when they first launched their digital collection in 2009. for some reason i never posted about it, and it has been sitting in a weird folder on one of my hard drives until i rediscovered recently.

Balloon Party

Balloon Party

have no plans for tonight? here’s an idea. go out and buy a bunch of balloons and then invite your friends around. you are guaranteed to have the BEST TIME EVER as evidenced by this series i discovered in the LIFE archives, photographed in 1948 by Martha Holmes.

Unknown Summer

Miss Moss: Unknown Summer

i found these images while trawling around the LIFE archives, with no explanation as to who took them, when, or where. i’m guessing this was sometime in the twenties or thirties? and it looks like it might have been somewhere in Europe – originally i thought maybe they were Swedes, but that old school Nivea Creme tin made me wonder if they were German. well, looks like they had a pretty good time either way.

Jackie in India, 1962


i know there are mountains upon mountains of imagery of Jackie Kennedy all over the internet, but i actually hadn’t seen these pics of her visit to India before, so i thought i’d share. she looks happy and colourful, accompanied by her sister Lee Radziwill. there’s even a video about her trip at the JFK Library. photos courtesy of Life.

Medical Art School

Medical Art School

this series of images that i discovered in the LIFE archives fascinated me because up until that point i had never even thought that such a thing as a “medical art school” would exist. but of course, yes. i’m just grateful that more gory things weren’t documented. if i wanted to see that i would just switch on my TV (Outlander and The Knick, i’m looking at you).

Gymnase Saulnier, School for Acrobats

Gymnase Saunier, School for Acrobats

when i was a kid i did ballet (which was short lived) and modern dancing. i was not good at either, but it was one of the few extra-mural exercise focused activities that i didn’t totally hate, and even though i have never been the most athletic person i at least had some rhythm (more so when i have had a few drinks – granted) so i just kept doing it cause it was fun. at some point it became no fun, mostly because the other girls were simply better than me, and my modern dancing teacher remarked that i was “the most inflexible person she’s ever taught”. which, as a kid, STUNG. i can barely touch my knees, let alone my toes, so yeah i am completely fucking inflexible – you don’t need to tell me that, lady!

Spring in LA, 1944

Spring in LA, 1944

i have been hearing grumblings around the internet that it’s HOT in LA at the moment. i can’t help but be a little smug, because on this side of the world we are experiencing optimal autumn weather. sunny, but cold, with the occasional rain shower… I LOVE IT. i think that LA is quite similar to Cape Town weather wise, so perhaps we have just directly swapped seasons. well, you guys can enjoy your boiling hot days for the time being.