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roller raquel

raquel welch as a roller girl is pretty much the most amazing thing i’ve seen this week.

all images: life magazine archives

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teen fashions

images from life magazine, taken in the mid to late 1940′s by nina leen. not much has changed.

“teenage girl wearing blue jeans and large checkered shirt which is usual after-school costume. 1944″

“closeup of teenage girl’s wrist covered with six different identification bracelets which are as popular as the milk shake she is enjoying at a soda fountain. 1944″

“teenage girls wearing blue jeans hang out in friend’s living room, eating and drinking Cokes. 1944″

“teenage girl wearing her brother’s slacks and shirt. 1944″

“teenage girls wearing new animal pattern sweaters. 1945″

“madeline calcar modeling teen-age fashions, a short-sleeved sweater and black corduroy skirt. 1949″

“madeline balcar wearing a classic simple blue polka-dot dress. 1949″

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the fight to save the midi

love this, such clever execution. makes me think of the old adage of hemlines going up or down according to the mood of the country / state of the economy. i personally wish girls would wear longer skirts, just because i love them. this looks like a pretty interesting issue actually, “the uneasy making of a movie” … “getting high with a lot of hot air”

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peggy lipton

peggy lipton, 1970. what a beaut. now you know where rashida jones gets it from.

all images from life mag, inspired by tomboy style (a treasure)

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oh, i love it so.

cuddles too.

all images from life mag

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café moments

cappuccino for me, please.

all images from life magazine

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bicycle pageant

a bicycle pageant in 1948, all images from life magazine

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yale joel

yale joel was an american photographer who started taking pictures at the age of 19. he was a combat photographer during WWII and eventually became a staff photographer at LIFE magazine. he died in 2006 at the age of 87

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