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  • Ladies and Gentlemen Studio: Shape Up

    Shape Up

    i’ve featured Ladies & Gentlemen Studio a few times on the blog, but somehow missed their latest collection Shape Up, the lookbook is just amazing.…

  • Design, Living

    Gubi Design Icons

    these days there’s plenty of fantasising about my new (imaginary and still undiscovered) place going on, which means i’m browsing a lot of websites related to furniture, lighting and all sorts of other fancy…

  • Living

    candle ah bra

    at first i thought whoa, a chandelier with no lier (that’s what i imagine the hangy bit to be called). but no, it’s a candelabra – a beautiful one at that. why…

  • afghan girl

    afghan girl

    haha, from balakov (check out the rest of his superb star lego scenes)…