Catbird bathroom

Some Bathroom Ideas

soooooo, we have this bathroom, right? and it’s not great. the floors have these huge terracota type tiles. the walls are beige. the bathroom vanity isn’t even a vanity – it’s just a piece of formica (!!!) with a fake granite texture (!!!!) and a sink on top. the bath is TOO SMALL. when i was pregnant i could barely fit in it. it’s just… a mess. a total mess. i won’t show you a photo, cause you don’t need to see it. so our next big home project (after just having our leaky roof entirely redone this past winter) is to renovate the bathroom.


Beech Hall: Cabana

remember that sweet collection last year from Beech Hall? well they’re at it again, and this time the theme is Cabana – filled with all sorts of fun, colourful, tropical, fruity designs & prints. my favourite has to be this snake cushion, the siesta print and this cool memory game.

Beklina giveaway

Beklina Giveaway!

Beklina is one of those rad shops that you can tell is just filled with things that the owners really love. this is the kind of shop i would want to run, if ever i went down that road, featuring all manner of clothes and objects and nice things. and, lucky for you, today we’re hosting an awesome giveaway… You could win a $250 voucher to shop at Beklina! HOW TO ENTER…

Baby Blanket

Baby Things

above: kaleidoscope cloud blanket. forgive me, for i am not in my right mind. i am a broody, anxiously waiting mom-to-be. i can’t stop thinking about babies. our baby. we are only a month away from welcoming the little dude, so i’m awake at 2am googling “do i REALLY need a changing table?”…

Yes, I could live in a Swedish Chapel

i’ve reached the stage now where i’m kind of hate-scrolling through these interior design websites that feature perfectly perfect all white Swedish apartments. you know the type? i used to love them. now i’m just like UGH get away from me! please can i see some more personality and colour! then…

Chez Marie Sixtine

Chez Marie Sixtine

most of my “time-wasting” surfing activities (i.e. browsing Pinterest while in bed, on the couch, in the bath, on the bus…) revolves around our new house. searching for inspiration for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms… nurseries. it’s all pie in the sky kind of browsing for the moment, but isn’t it always like that…

Marmoreal: an engineered marble designed by Max Lamb and produced by Dzek.


you may have spotted this bananas patterned marble all over your pinterests, in the form of bathrooms and shops and furniture and design objects, and perhaps wondered what the story behind it is – well here it is! Marmoreal is an engineered marble, designed by British designer Max Lamb and produced by Dzek. it is…

Arro Home

Arro Home

i think that these cushions by Arro Home are probably meant for kids… but you know what? i don’t care. i would happily have a thousand pretzel cushions all over my house thank you very much. besides cushions they have all sorts of fun goods ranging from rugs to bedding. they…

Lines & Dots

Lines & Dots

i am completely obsessed with these beautiful sculptural lights by Home Adventures, a personal project by Barcelona based design studio Álvaro Goula / Pablo Figuera. just have a look at them spinning at their online shop – it’s completely mesmerising! Lines & Dots has its origins from dozens of ink drawings,…

Frames by Fundamental Berlin

Super Cool Frames

are these the coolest frames i have ever seen? yes, yes that is highly possible. designed by Fundamental Berlin these one of a kind frames come in brass or steel and “give small pictures more greatness”. this super creative company also design a bunch of other lovely things like furniture, lighting and…

Miss Moss: Kids Things

Kids Things

i was conflicted about doing this post because the one thing i feel weird about is “designing” your kid’s life, or creating a remotely instagrammeable lifestyle for your kid. on the other hand i think some kids things are pretty sweet, and i find myself straying into kidswear departments pretty often…

Beech Hall

Beech Hall

look, i never pass up the chance to peruse a new online shop. some i can skim for a couple of seconds before closing the tab, others – well, i get sucked in for a good long while. that’s how it turned out when the friendly people from Beech Hall pointed me…

Pink Sheets

Pink Sheets

oh sheet, i think i’m gonna have to convince my husband that we need pink bedding. i’ve absolutely fallen for these dusty blush, rose and coral hued sheets from Texas based shop Magnolia Armor. interestingly some friends and i had a conversation about when duvets first came to South Africa – as…

Mirror by Bower


when we travelled to NYC back in 2013, on our honeymoon, we went to a furniture fair somewhere in Brooklyn (i forget the name now) and that is where i first saw the work of Bower. i remember loving their work so much that i took their business card, so it’s…


Cacti Coasters

i never appreciated coasters until i became an adult. as a kid they were as ubiquitous in my parent’s house as ashtrays (even though neither of my parents smoker – why is that?) but i never bothered to use them because i was just a terrible child – as all terrible…