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    stop dreaming about your fake house

    i'm moving into a new place this month, and i'm excited. i'll be living with my very good friends (yay) and just the thought of experiencing a change puts a spring in…

  • Film, Vintage

    the party

    i will always love the party, mostly due to the fact that the phrase 'birdie num num' is a running joke in my family. second to peter sellers'…

  • Living

    the shack

    if i can’t have the shack then no one can! muwahahaaa. wish i could live out my drunk-with-power fantasies. as seen via here, there and everywhere.…

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    indoor / outdoor

    my little flat with zero forest / mountain / lake view is becoming increasingly depressing the more i look at these all images via contemporist…

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    yes please

    i’d like to put an order in for one of these, thanks.…

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    villa mecklin

    i'm not sure that i'm sold on the design of this house, but i'm certainly envious of that huge deck - i can definitely imagine spending hours lazing…

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    smart flat

    man alive this is a clever little flat! it would force someone to live very minimally (not a bad thing)

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    mahna mahna factory

    saw this shop on for me, for you yesterday –  i would happily put every single item in my house…

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    i love this house because of all the glass, so it feels like there’s almost nothing between you & the forest.…

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    love / hate

    this house is totally a case of oooooh i love the interior, but blegh why did they have to put that white block in the middle of a…

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    hervé pierre at home

    if you're like me then you peruse the selby often (and by often i mean all the time), and there would be no need to show you these…

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    rad rugs

    i have never been a carpet person, i much prefer an expanse of empty floor than having rugs lying all over the place (especially loose carpets on a floor that already has…