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  • FARIS // Miss Moss

    Faris: Louise

    remember Faris? here’s their lovely new jewellery collection Louise. shop here. For fall/winter I’ve tapped into my influential roots ; modern art. Referencing eras from Bauhuas to Memphis Milano, LOUISE came to…

  • Objects Without Meaning

    Objects Without Meaning

    if i saw a girl out and about wearing this collection from Objects Without Meaning i’d think, “damn she’s cool. i could never dress like that. well, maybe i could. nah… wouldn’t…

  • Another Feather

    Another Feather: Pearl

    Hannah Ferrara is one of my favourite people to follow online, not only because of her beautiful jewellery line Another Feather, she’s also a fine, fine Instagrammer. she has just launched the new collection…

  • Josi Faye

    Josi Faye

    Josi Faye is a line of knitwear by Nashville based designer Han Starnes, who named the line after her mother. Josi Faye focuses on traditional textile methods and sources high quality natural…

  • Ouur Collection // AW14


    if you’re a Kinfolk follower then you might already know about their new venture that was announced yesterday – Ouur. Kinfolk founder Nathan Williams was kind enough to send me some information on their new…

  • Meg Callahan

    Meg Callahan

    Meg Callahan is a designer who makes exquisite patchwork quilts the likes of which i want on my bed. or on my wall. or draped over me when i am on the…

  • Lotuff in Marfa

    Lotuff in Marfa

    remember i posted about Lotuff last year? well they are literally going places. the leather bag company has recently collaborated with Barneys (aka, made the big time) and then got super cool,…

  • Samantha Pleet // Visions

    Samantha Pleet: Visions

    i couldn’t help but think of The Mists of Avalon when browsing through the Samantha Pleet FW14 preview. did you guys ever see the mini-series that was made, with Anjelica Huston? damn,…

  • Paloma Wool

    Paloma Wool

    Barcelona based Paloma Lanna just launched Paloma Wool, in which her interests in fashion and analog photography converge. the collection of limited-edition sweatshirts is produced in Spain, featuring Paloma’s own photographs. there are…

  • preview

    Des Petits Hauts

    i’m not sure when pineapples became the fruit of the moment, but they are certainly enjoying their day in the sun – popping up in every lookbook, photoshoot and fashion editorial i…

  • Frances May x Church & State

    Frances May x Church & State

    Frances May was one of the first independent shops i discovered online, many many years ago now, whose inventory and general vibe i really fell in love with. which is thrilling to…

  • Evens


    Evens by Kate de Para – simple threads designed, dyed, cut, and sewn in Houston, Texas.…

  • Brookes Boswell

    Brookes Boswell

    when i was in NYC last year (it feels so long ago now, waaaaah!) i noticed girls wearing hats everywhere. i love it. i have not had the guts to wear one…

  • Nomad


    Nomad is a fashion label based in Porto, Portugal and Stockholm, Sweden – an interesting combo that you can see in their clothes. a bit of a Mediterranean feeling, combined with that…