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  • Elizabeth Suzann

    Elizabeth Suzann

    here’s an update from the Elizabeth Suzann (previously blogged about here) whose new SS2014 collection is simple and lovely. these clothes feel like the height of summer to me. as i’m typing this…

  • Paloma Wool

    Paloma Wool

    some new pieces and lovely lookbook shots from Paloma Wool. love that pink button down skirt. you can read more about Paloma Wool in my post about them earlier this year.…

  • FARIS // Miss Moss

    Faris: Louise

    remember Faris? here’s their lovely new jewellery collection Louise. shop here. For fall/winter I’ve tapped into my influential roots ; modern art. Referencing eras from Bauhuas to Memphis Milano, LOUISE came to…

  • Objects Without Meaning

    Objects Without Meaning

    if i saw a girl out and about wearing this collection from Objects Without Meaning i’d think, “damn she’s cool. i could never dress like that. well, maybe i could. nah… wouldn’t…

  • Another Feather

    Another Feather: Pearl

    Hannah Ferrara is one of my favourite people to follow online, not only because of her beautiful jewellery line Another Feather, she’s also a fine, fine Instagrammer. she has just launched the new collection…

  • Josi Faye

    Josi Faye

    Josi Faye is a line of knitwear by Nashville based designer Han Starnes, who named the line after her mother. Josi Faye focuses on traditional textile methods and sources high quality natural…

  • Ouur Collection // AW14


    if you’re a Kinfolk follower then you might already know about their new venture that was announced yesterday – Ouur. Kinfolk founder Nathan Williams was kind enough to send me some information on their new…

  • Meg Callahan

    Meg Callahan

    Meg Callahan is a designer who makes exquisite patchwork quilts the likes of which i want on my bed. or on my wall. or draped over me when i am on the…

  • Lotuff in Marfa

    Lotuff in Marfa

    remember i posted about Lotuff last year? well they are literally going places. the leather bag company has recently collaborated with Barneys (aka, made the big time) and then got super cool,…

  • Samantha Pleet // Visions

    Samantha Pleet: Visions

    i couldn’t help but think of The Mists of Avalon when browsing through the Samantha Pleet FW14 preview. did you guys ever see the mini-series that was made, with Anjelica Huston? damn,…

  • Paloma Wool

    Paloma Wool

    Barcelona based Paloma Lanna just launched Paloma Wool, in which her interests in fashion and analog photography converge. the collection of limited-edition sweatshirts is produced in Spain, featuring Paloma’s own photographs. there are…

  • preview

    Des Petits Hauts

    i’m not sure when pineapples became the fruit of the moment, but they are certainly enjoying their day in the sun – popping up in every lookbook, photoshoot and fashion editorial i…

  • Frances May x Church & State

    Frances May x Church & State

    Frances May was one of the first independent shops i discovered online, many many years ago now, whose inventory and general vibe i really fell in love with. which is thrilling to…

  • Evens


    Evens by Kate de Para – simple threads designed, dyed, cut, and sewn in Houston, Texas.…