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  • The Women of Don Draper

    The Women of Don Draper

    The Women of Don Draper is an illustrated collective of all the women Don Draper has slept with, in chronological order, by artist Hannah Choi. daaaaaaamn Don Draper has a type! i mean, i…

  • Film


    so, did you watch it? did you? i don’t normally host reviews / discussions on here, but i am DYING to talk about Mad Men! spoilers within, you can access the full…

  • Film

    don draper disapproves

    been thinking about mad men a lot lately. i know that a fifth season is on the cards, but no one knows when it’s coming back. apparently it’s a money issue. critically…

  • Vintage


    remember that scene early on in the first season of mad men where the secretaries get to try out lipstick colours and joan shows off her derrière in the two-way mirror? of course you…

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    current wants indelicately smashed into one post

    i want to go to there...

    ... and to there

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    made me smile

    things that made me smile this week… peggy in the latest mad men episode – “you look swellegant!” this picture: classic jane birkin: this lady’s outfit: this what i wore drawing: this old…

  • Film

    public relations

    ok i am a mad men addict, that’s been well established. i’ve watched the season 4 premiere twice already. just wanted to highlight some moments of wardrobe & set design that i…

  • Art

    miss holloway

    by now you probably know that i love mad men, so this illustration by stanley chow stole my heart…