sadly the only time i ever buy a magazine these days is when i am about to get on a flight and i know i’m going to be without wi-fi for the next few hours (also, i recently dropped & broke my trusty kindle so now that option has flown out of the proverbial window seat). i’ll get 2 or 3 lady mags from the usual selection at the airport book store, and then flip through them – slowly – so as to pass the time. but inevitably i find myself sitting there with nothing to do because, well, they’re just not my thing. there has been a quiet resurgence of intelligent print magazines in the last few years, most started by sets of like-minded people who are unsatisfied with what’s currently out there, and many are self-funded in today’s print-is-dead-all-hail-the-internet climate. this is exactly what Roxanne Fequiere (editor-in-chief) and Allison o’Shea (creative director) set out to do with Golly. and, together with an amazing team, they’ve succeeded.

Our mission was to create a “ladymag” that didn’t feel cringeworthy, one-note, and/or vapid, and we looked to magazines like LIFE, Gentry, and mid-century Esquire for inspiration as we went about putting it together. As we began brainstorming this project, we knew that we wanted this to be a print venture. Risky, we know, but so worth it. We’re currently seeking funding through Kick Starter, a campaign that is going very well, I might add. The fund raising will allow us to continue working with amazing contributors, including Heather Sten, Amanda Jasnowski, Lizzie Garret Mettler and Jimmy Marble.

Allison (whose blog i have been a fan of for years) was kind enough to send me their first issue and i am still making my way through it! highlights: a round table discussion with successful editors in the publishing business (think Refinery 29 and Rookie), a beeeaaaautiful editorial called TOO HOT and an interview with pâtissier Ayako Kurokawa of Burrow fame. you can pre-order your copy by supporting their Kickstarter campaign here.

they also have a great tumblr & cool instagram to follow.

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you might get sick of my paris bla bla bla paris posts in the following days (i apologise in advance, just let me get it out of my system). i still have to sort through my photos, so in the meantime i thought i’d share excerpts from one of the magazines that air france gives out free of charge to their passengers at the airports and in their planes. not anything like south african airways’ little sawubona mag, mind you…

air france’s madame magazine (which caters towards ladies and fashion minded folks) features ads from louis vuitton, chloé, miu miu fendi etc etc etc and editorial content that’s something like a mix between elle, marie claire and some cool decor mag. that is to say, it’s actually interesting to look at. seriously, this is a free airline magazine.


look at nook

oh YAY Jessica & Luke’s restaurant Nook has been featured in the December issue of House & Leisure!

so excited & proud of them, if you guys haven’t visited yet – please do


vintage esquire

wouldn’t it be cool if they still did covers like this, instead of just plonking a celeb on the cover? i understand that’s what you need to sell a magazine these days (look at US Vogue), but still. go check out their cover gallery



a man’s take on fashion – from little brown pen


paris vogue

can’t remember where i found these (probably tsf) – but they’re fantastico!