medium format photography


beautiful autumnal imagery by Kajico

all photography by Kajico

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Cats in Bars

an ongoing series by photographer Martijn Savenije – will be keeping an eye on this.

all photographs by Martijn Savenije

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self portrait

these self portraits by ari gabel are so very good. you can imagine an entire story happening within each frame, and i love the fact that you don’t see the faces of anyone else in the images. medium format always wins.

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kevin kunstadt

WOW. looking at kevin kunstadt‘s photos would make my eyeballs fall out of their sockets and roll around on the floor if that were possible (…. is it?) hasselblad photos tend to get this reaction out of me, but these really are spectacular.

all photos belong to kevin kunstadt

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medium format

i’m dying to get my hands on a medium format camera… these images are by jasmine fitzwilliam

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