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  • The Varsity Jacket by Unis

    The Varsity Jacket by Unis

    Eunice Lee is the woman behind Unis, a menswear brand based in NYC with another store LA. they have an awesome selection of basics for men; like these perfectly cut tees, which my husband actually…

  • 003

    Lauren Hutton

    my friend Amy and i were sitting around gabbing the other day, browsing pinterest (which is the new looking through magazines together, i guess) and we got onto the topic of Lauren…

  • Fashion

    Wearing The Pants Damn Well

    our Wearing The Pants project is still one of my favourite things – whenever i see a lady rocking the menswear i get a not-so-secret thrill. so scrolling through Tommy Ton’s latest street style…

  • brolin

    Josh Brolin for Band of Outsiders

    Band of Outsiders is well known for their range of lookbooks featuring celebrities shot on polaroid. Kirsten Dunst is a regular model, as is Jason Schwartzmann. i like the latest one with…

  • Fashion

    Nikolaj d’Étoiles

    this lookbook for swedish fashion label Nikolaj d’Étoiles’ S/S 2010 line was shot in 2009 by swedish photographer Viktor Gårdsäter. so, you know, it’s not exactly new. but i can never resist…

  • Fashion

    Sir Jack’s

    Sir Jack’s – outfitters to the modern gentleman (indeed)…

  • Fashion

    Double RL, Double take

    just when you think that you couldn’t possibly look at another vintage inspired lookbook, along comes one that could actually fool you into thinking the photos are legit – until you take a closer…

  • Art, Fashion

    Escher & Menswear

    i tend to forget that Escher actually did other work besides drawing hands and relativity. his tessellation designs are quite beautiful – i’ve been wanting to pair them with something interesting for…

  • Fashion

    Janie Cai

    Janie Cai is the fashion director of August Man. think i’m slightly obsessed. – streetfsn – stockholm streetstyle – tommy ton for – tommy ton for – parisx3 – streetfsn…

  • Fashion

    Check & Checked

    i love plaid, even though it’s a “trend” that’s been around for years now. doubtless i will still love it long after it filters out of every department store. if i see…

  • Fashion

    Wearing the pants

    oh dear, i started another tumblr. wearing the pants is all about women in menswear – because it’s awesome.…

  • Fashion

    the west is dead

    have died and gone to bearded, manly, lumberjackin’ and nice fittin’ on the rear denim heaven thanks to the west is dead fall 2011 lookbook. i would also wear all these things myself,…

  • Vintage

    take ivy

    for a while there i was a bit obsessed with menswear blogs. perhaps that is the wrong term for them. men’s things blogs? you know – jjjjound, them thangs, haw-lin… i had to downscale my…