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You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

this little blog has been going for almost 3 years now, and as it grew i began to receive enquiries about advertising & sponsorship opportunities from people all over the world. i’ve been holding off on that for a long time, because i wanted the blog to grow and develop naturally and, to be honest, i didn’t even really know what i was doing! to say that it has exceeded my expectations is a vast understatement – i enjoy blogging more with every day, and i often daydream about having more time to discover, create and share interesting content.

the main reason why i have made the decision to open the blog up to sponsorship is so that it would relieve some of the pressures of real life (i.e. paying bills) and will hopefully allow me to put more of my time and energy into the blog – because i LOVE doing it. and i want to keep doing it.

so, this is my first step in making my blog a grown up… or a young adult, if you will. i have been quite busy this week working on a new design which i launched yesterday (for those of you subscribed via rss – please take a look!) and you may have noticed that there is an entirely new sidebar to the right… just waiting to be filled with potential sponsors.

if you’re interested in advertising please email me at missmossblog@gmail.com and i will send along a fancy little pdf containing information about my stats and rates. there will be six ad spots available to buy on a month by month basis.

i find this picture quite funny because i don’t even have an iMac, haha.

in other news, one of my best and oldest friends Jessica and her fiancé Luke are getting married this weekend! you may remember Jessica from our now-stalled food series, as well as her blog & restaurant Nook. i am an official unofficial wedding photographer so hopefully i’ll be able to share some shots with you next week (as long as i get permission!)


two years!

tomorrow will mark the blog’s two year birthday.

i’m amazed by how it has grown and incredibly grateful for the wonderful readership it has picked up along the way. i never thought it would become as popular as it has – it was certainly not something i set out to do in the first place. thanks for stopping by, leaving comments, spreading the love, sending kind emails and just generally being nice people.

of course the blog wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for all the talented artists / designers / photographers / vintage lovers and everyone in between whose work and collections i so happily discover and love to share. here’s to you!

have a nice weekend everybody. photo courtesy of superbomba.



i’m guest blogging at a cup of jo this week while joanna is on holiday. my first post was a now & then on joan bennett

more radness planned for the week, so be sure to visit joanna’s blog.

last year fair lady magazine asked if i’d like to contribute one of my things i like right now lists for their march issue, since they were doing a special on local bloggers (bloggin’ buds angie, lana & lauren are also featured.) they even let me design the collage, which was really awesome of them. read the article here and see my list below…

  1. Seventies StyleEmilio Pucci’s Resort 2011 collection completely nails the seventies look I love.
  2. Swedish Hasbeens. Said obsession with the seventies is encapsulated perfectly by these t-strap clogs.
  3. Boardwalk Empire. Set in prohibition era Atlantic City, not only is the costume & set design absolutely lush to look at – the storyline is dark and gripping. You wouldn’t expect anything less with heavyweights like Steve Buscemi and Martin Scorsese involved.
  4. Scotch Naturals. A water-based environmentally friendly non-toxic nail polish – need I say more?
  5. LeRoy Grannis. California’s surf culture in the sixties & seventies as photographed by LeRoy Grannis.
  6. Matt & Kim – Sidewalks. Joyous indie pop might be a good way to describe this album – just the kind of thing to play when you’re planning a sunny road trip or having a pool party.
  7. Spence. A sophisticated online shopping experience that provides only the best from local designers like Missibaba, Christopher Strong and more. Basically what I’ve been waiting for since the internet came into existence.
  8. Everson’s Cider. I love this handcrafted cider from the Elgin Overberg – make mine icey cold please.
  9. Tsovet Watches. Designed in California, these watches are inspired by vintage aviation gauges from the 1940’s and ’50s.
  10. Svpply. A great way to discover products online, ranging from fashion to homeware, as curated by like-minded people from across the globe.

remembering 2010

so it’s the eve of a new year, which means a run down of the past 12 months is appropriate. i cannot believe how much this little blog has grown in that time – all thanks to you guys with your wonderful comments, link love, retweets and the like. miss moss even appeared in a real life printed magazine, like some kind of grown up.

so, according to the stats these were the standout posts of 2010…

most popular post: stuff

not only in this category but the most popular post overall was wood & leather gifts. crazy, right? a close second was black + brown gifts. collages ftw.

most popular post: photography

the photography of mariam sitchinava

most popular post: vintage

teen fashions won this by a mile. got to love the life magazine archive

most popular post: fashion

this is my favourite too – art on the streets, pairing street style images with paintings

most popular post: design

not surprisingly since the movie is so hyped right now, black swan posters

most popular post: art

i love the fact that outsider art was so popular (just an absolute favourite of mine)

most popular post: illustration

the sweet fashion illustrations of derek cardigan

most popular post: living

small is cool – where i rambled on about how clever people decorate their studio apartments


most popular post: food

homemade nutella made by my friend jessica and photographed by myself

most popular post: amusing

i actually ended up deleting this category, though cat fashion show obviously won & still amuses me.


most popular music mix

according to the download stats, your favourite music mix was you called me after midnight – probably the most unexpected one as it took the least time to put together & is the most chilled of them all. go figure.

2010 was also the year i got to visit paris again – i enjoyed sharing my photos with you

i especially loved learning more about you with things i like right now – a series i hope to continue in 2011

(this was mariah’s list)

the posts i enjoyed doing the most (besides music mixes) were those involving image comparisons – especially vintage / sartorialist and atonement / morris

i hope your 2011 is most enjoyable, and thanks as always for visiting. xo