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    ten favourites

    my brother the architect (mentioned in this post) has 444 folders with 5,700 pictures on his computer sorted by name & date of rad architects, houses & buildings. i forced him to…

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    Olnick Spanu House

    my love for modernist houses is never ending – a trait i share with my brother the architect,  whose knowledge of architecture and rad homes eclipses any one i know. he also has an…

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    evil people in modernist homes in popular films

    this project by benjamin critten … … immediately made me think of this house which was used as the basis for the house in charlie’s angels. do you remember? sam rockwell was wooing…

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    a single house

    the house from a single man is still up for sale, by the way. just in case you were on the market and you wanted to spend in the region of $1,5…

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    california modern

    i already expressed my love for old school victoriana houses – but this is the flip side of the coin. i can definitely see myself being very comfortable in a mid-century modern…

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    arthur erickson

    i am positively salivating over these wooden houses by late architect arthur erickson…

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    let my cameron go

    this post doesn’t really have anything to do with cameron from ferris bueller (love him, though), except that his character’s house from the movie is for sale. i have house envy. via…