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  • Fashion

    The Red Dress

    today’s guest post is from Mallory of Where The Lovely Things are. we share a love of many things, but we really bonded over our shared love of Melvin Udall in As…

  • Art, Film

    wes anderson world

    i went in search of wes anderson inspired art & photography, and found plenty of it limitd prints: caitlin shearer: daní: meghan stratman:…

  • Art, Film

    inappropriate golden books

    this is soooo cool, pixar artist josh cooley has turned scenes from his favourite movies into a series of inappropriate golden books illustrations, and has now compiled them all into a book…

  • Film, Vintage

    von trapp

    speaking of musicals … (hello christopher plummer)…

  • Film

    an education

    have you watched an education yet? it’s just as good as i expected it to be. if you’ve already seen it, here’s the paris scene for you again:…

  • Vintage


    i looooooooove cowboys! another new years resolution is to marry a cowboy. with a beard.…

  • blue man

    dr. tobias

    i watched 1/2 of watchmen last night. i would have enjoyed it more if it went something like this…

  • marriage-manual
    Design, Film


    adult movie posters of the 60s & 70s – more here (some of the better ones are nsfw)…

  • shaun-dead-01
    Art, Design, Film

    adam beane, sculptor

    these toy sculptures by adam beane are incredible, his portfolio is a must see. he even did a johnny cash toy, and his princess leia is also super rad. i remember watching…

  • the-end
    Film, Stuff

    the end

    the end is a great flickr set, by dill pixels…

  • richie tenenbaum

    actually, I think he’s crying.

    this is still one of my favourite movies of all time. what happened, luke? you used to be my object of lust and now all you do is play golf and make…