October Music Mix by Miss Moss


photo by Allan Grant for LIFE, 1947. damn, i actually wanted to post this new music mix on Friday, but somehow we had a seemingly city-wide internet blackout that lasted a couple of days. that sounds ridiculous, right? that’s cause IT IS. well now you can kick off your week with a…

Miss Moss September music mix


September is the best! it’s my birthday month, and the weather is always mild and wonderful, and it’s my birthday month! it always feels like a time of new beginnings for me, as if there’s been a palpable shift that we are gearing up toward the end of the year. it’s just my…



a new music mix! and just in the nick of time, as July is almost over. let that sink in: july. is. almost. over. that means we are in the latter half of 2015 and before we know it, it will be CHRISTMAS! jeez, relax. it’s going to be fine.…

June Music Mix by Miss Moss


i’ve made an effort to fill this month’s music mix with mostly, well, new music. these are all albums that have recently been released (at least this year) or are about to be released. so if you want to discover some new tunes then you’d best delve into these here tracks.

April Music Mix


no, this is not an April Fool’s. it’s an actual real life music mix! oh, there are some goodies in here you guys.



i broke my promise to bring you a music mix every month. and for that, i’m sorry. i hope this makes it up to you? x o x o happy friday the thirteenth / valentines day (whichever you choose to celebrate). just press play!



December: the best month and also the worst month. best because holidays, christmas, family, food, summer (for us, at least), etc etc. worst because – how the heck is it December already? just an ever present reminder that time flies and you probably didn’t get to do everything you wanted to…



i got such nice responses on my first Mid Week Distractions post and i just want to say thank you SO much for being so lovely and supportive of the blog. it really does help me on days when i think, jees what am i DOING? sometimes you feel like…



i know it’s not August YET. but on friday it will be, and today i can’t stop thinking about it. August. A U G U S T. so, here’s a music mix to celebrate!



hey, it’s a music mix! but not the way you know it. these days i pretty much find 99% of new music on Soundcloud. i LOOOOOOOOOOVE Soundcloud. i use SongZa a fair bit too (the app not the site), but because of its impermanence – you can’t like a song and…

Miss Moss // Lost in the Light

Lost in the Light

i thought i’d offer a music mix in exchange for the fact that my posting has been patchy the past two days. it is a bit of a reflective, mid-year mix – mostly pretty down tempo, and featuring two of my favourite artists who are releasing new work. namely Goldfrapp…

Miss Moss // We Went Wild Music Mix

We Went Wild

thank you for helping pick my new logo yesterday (and peeps on facebook and pinterest). the overwhelming vote went towards what you’ll see above – also my personal choice! to celebrate, and say thanks, i have made a new music mix. the cover art was inspired by Africa, which i have been…

Miss Moss Music Mix: This Is My Jam

This Is My Jam

okay okay, i give in. here’s a new music mix for you! yesterday was a public holiday in south africa, which means a lot of people round here are taking a bit of a long weekend… so i made use of the down time to catch up on new music…

31 feel it all around

Feel It All Around

first of all i have to say a huge THANK YOU to my blogger pals who were so generous in helping out with their wonderful guest posts while i was moving. i know everyone enjoyed having them around (and it was nice having a different perspective around here for a…

30 this will be our year

This Will Be Our Year

hey, it’s a music mix. happy friday! this will be our year. playlist: the shins – simple song miniature tigers – boomerang summer camp – down citizens! – true romance (gigamesh remix) ladyhawke – black, white & blue papa – i am the lion king (st. lucia remix) of montreal…