a new music mix! and just in the nick of time, as July is almost over. let that sink in: july. is. almost. over. that means we are in the latter half of 2015 and before we know it, it will be CHRISTMAS!


June Music Mix by Miss Moss

i’ve made an effort to fill this month’s music mix with mostly, well, new music. these are all albums that have recently been released (at least this year) or are about to be released. so if you want to discover some new tunes then you’d best delve into these here tracks. i know people are hating on the new Mumford & Sons album, and personally i am not a fan, but Tompkins Square Park is a pretty great track. i am also loving the new Lord Huron album.



December: the best month and also the worst month. best because holidays, christmas, family, food, summer (for us, at least), etc etc. worst because – how the heck is it December already? just an ever present reminder that time flies and you probably didn’t get to do everything you wanted to this year.



i got such nice responses on my first Mid Week Distractions post and i just want to say thank you SO much for being so lovely and supportive of the blog. it really does help me on days when i think, jees what am i DOING? sometimes you feel like you are just shouting into an empty room, especially in a time when comments on blogs are decreasing and everyone is so bleak about the general landscape of blogging – so it really is appreciated!



hey, it’s a music mix! but not the way you know it.

these days i pretty much find 99% of new music on Soundcloud. i LOOOOOOOOOOVE Soundcloud. i use SongZa a fair bit too (the app not the site), but because of its impermanence – you can’t like a song and save it for later – it’s usually just background fodder. and, before you ask me, no we can’t use Pandora or Spotify here! Rdio… i haven’t gotten into that yet. anyway, Soundcloud is cool. i like that i am listening to music released directly by the artist.

Lost in the Light

Miss Moss // Lost in the Light

i thought i’d offer a music mix in exchange for the fact that my posting has been patchy the past two days. it is a bit of a reflective, mid-year mix – mostly pretty down tempo, and featuring two of my favourite artists who are releasing new work. namely Goldfrapp and Mazzy Star. MAZZY STAR! they haven’t released a track in 17 years. so, enjoy it.