music mix


Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’

i wasn’t really thinking of a theme at all when putting the mid-november mix together, just smashing together a bunch of songs i’ve been playing a lot lately. then i realised there may be a hidden theme as many of them are actually love songs. new love, old love, lost love… maybe even a bit of hate love. so there you have it.

lovin, touchin, squeezin. download it here. tracklist:

  1. best coast – the end
  2. the black keys – the only one
  3. sea wolf – the violet hour
  4. girls – heartbreaker
  5. the bees – i really need love
  6. tennis – take me somewhere
  7. seapony – dreaming
  8. lykke li – get some
  9. beach house – 10 mile stereo
  10. florence and the machine – cosmic love
  11. band of horses – no ones gonna love you
  12. devotchka – you love me
  13. junior boys – hazel
  14. journey – lovin’, touchin’, squeezin’

i would also like the clarify that the cover art is a tribute to movember. though it really should be beardvember, in my opinion. i suppose i wouldn’t mind lovin, touchin, and squeezin that fine ginger bearded fellow though.