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  • Miss Moss Kruger Park photographs

    Custos Naturae

    Custos Naturae is the slogan of the Kruger National Park, it means Guardian of Nature. i have been very familiar with it since i was a kid, as we were lucky enough…

  • view of Clifton beaches, Cape Town by Miss Moss


    as much as i protest against summer (it’s the heat! the heat) it does make for gorgeous photo opportunities, especially if you live in a very snap-worthy place like Cape Town. i’m…

  • Miss Moss // Kei


    thought i’d share some photos of our current holiday at Kei, Anton’s family’s holiday home where we got engaged this time last year. Kei Mouth is a small town on the banks…

  • Miss Moss // 2014


    happy new year! we are still on holiday at the seaside where my family has been spending summers for the past decade. soon we will be road tripping up to the Transkei…

  • Miss Moss // NYC


    since i have shared a bit about the wedding i thought it would be nice to show some pics from our honeymoon. whenever people asked where we were going post-wedding, and we…

  • 20131015-112948.jpg


    hello! so we are in NYC and it is amazing. I wasn’t planning on checking in while we’re on our honeymoon (sacrilege) – but I see there have been some technical difficulties…

  • Miss Moss // Stuff Lately

    Stuff Lately

    in lieu of a These Things today i thought i’d do a bit of a Stuff Lately catch up. you can follow me on Instagram if you like. don’t fret, These Things…

  • Miss-Moss-Alexandra-Hojer-002
    Fashion, Living

    Alexandra Höjer

    if you’re a Capetonian you’ll be familiar with Swedish fashion designer Alexandra Höjer, and her beautiful clothing which she sells from her boutique in Kloof Street. i had heard that she had a…

  • miss-moss-the-table-01

    The Table

    you will no doubt remember my old friend Jessica from various posts on the blog, as well as her and husband Luke’s wonderful restaurant Nook in Stellenbosch. after some busy & hectic…

  • Miss Moss // River View

    River View

    we’ve been wanting to visit River View for a long time, and so really had no better excuse to go than to celebrate our anniversary weekend. not being hotel types, we much prefer…

  • Miss Moss // Kruger Trip

    Kruger Park

    i’m so excited to share these photos of our trip to the bush! a lot of what we saw couldn’t be captured on film – the animals are simply too fast for…

  • Amathunzi by Miss Moss


    we took a much needed break this weekend and were lucky enough to spend a day with family at the amazing Amathunzi Nature Reserve (less than two hours outside Cape Town –…

  • miss-moss-instagram-001

    Stuff Lately

    i had a few posts prepped for yesterday & today but unfortunately my computer c-c-c-rrraaasssshhhheeed and i spent the entire day trying to fix it yesterday. sigh. i managed to get it…

  • Stuff

    Stuff Lately

    you can follow me on instagram with the username miss_moss or just check out my instagram page left: did you know pineapples grow like this? well, i didn’t. seen in the greenhouse…