Jim Naughten: Hereros

these images are not new, but i came across them again recently and thought i had to share in case someone out there had not seen them before. they are so arrestingly beautiful, and the story behind them is fascinating. in the late 1800s Germany colonised what is now Namibia…

Adrian De Sa Garces // Namibia

Double Tap: Adrian De Sa Garces

one of the cool things about Instagram is seeing what other South Africans are up to on their summer holidays – a lot of people go up the coast, or spend their days on the beach, or go on road trips. others travel further afield, visiting family and friends they…

Schier Vellies

Schier Shoes has been making velskoen out of Swakopmund, Namibia since 1935. 8 guys make them completely by hand and turn out 20 pairs of vellies a day. of course if you’re a south african you’ll know velskoene well as we all grew up with them – you probably call…


namibia, after the rains

a friend of a friend took these photos in namibia, after they had heavy rainfall sometime at the beginning of this year. the colours are pretty much out of this world.