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    big sky country

    my brother sent me a link to national geographic’s feature on montana, which subsequently lead me to montana’s official state travel site. such a nice, clean website that makes me want to…

  • Photography

    underwater (you and me)

    i would never be brave enough to swim in a swamp, let alone go under water – so i am glad Karen Glaser did. “Karen Glaser, an experienced diver and photographer, takes us…

  • Photography

    sort of like a dream? no, better.

    FLIP! i just had to show you this. yosemite national park, 1996, taken by frank caico the perfect accompaniment to this image would be this song: air france – collapsing at your doorstep…

  • Photography

    earth day

    let’s just stop for a second to appreciate earth day please.…

  • Photography

    water wheel

    as a kid one of my favourite things in my parent’s display shelf (you know, that place where they put all the strange odds and ends collected throughout a lifetime) was this…

  • Photography


    i went for a long sunday walk last week in my neighbourhood forest, toting my camera along like a good girl, only to realise that i had left the battery in its…

  • Living

    trees please

    i’m pretty much sold on any and all houses that have trees incorporated into their design – there’s nothing nicer to me than a huge tree in the middle of a courtyard.…

  • Photography


    "The hills and veld that Daniel Naudé invites us to traverse are filled with wonderful creatures, each more proud, perfect, and present than the next"…

  • rain in an oak forest

    ivan shishkin

    it's art history time again, folks! Ivan Shishkin was a Russian landscape painter, his method was based on analytical studies of nature.…

  • Art

    heiko müller

    My art comes from an urge to explore. I like the countryside. I like a good view. And once I’m face to face with a lovely scenery, I feel immediately tempted to…

  • grasshopper

    holding onto summer

    i love love love this photo by sarah montour – expecting a lot of this in the next few months (hello summer).…