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Nice Things No.12

[1] atelier beautravail [2] whistles maxi skirt [3] antik batik aztek beaded dress [4] whistles mozaic shift dress [5] m missoni top [6] desert flora soap [6] laklak bracelet [8] folded paper scarf [9] extinct animals tote [10] half moon necklaces [11] pineapple print espadrilles [12] coral necklace [13] fieldguided tote [14] triangle pattern name card holder [15] audrey & shay [16] jessie harris jewellery [17] big cats scarf [18] amethyst gold spike ring [19] roxy marj clutch

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Nice Things No.11

what one might call a massive colour coordinated edition of nice things.

[1] brown leather tote by btw wind & water [2] pouches by blackbird and the owl [3] deep maple fruit bowl by herriott grace [4] hair barettes by asme [5] rita suede aviator jacket by acne [6] necklaces by kate miss [7] turquoise envelope by anve [8] squirrel tape dispenser [9] terra top in mint [10] donna wilson [11] green colour block polo top [12] friendship cutter sweater [13] ikuyo ejiri purses [14] poster by elroy ink [15] textured cardigan [16] colour at leif [17]  the knit kid [18] jazzhands glitter peep toes [19] blouse by x silk

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Nice Things No.10

nice things no.10 – scarves edition!




we are owls:

leah goren:




scout & catalogue:

athena procopiou:

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Nice Things No.9

Nice Things no.9!

porcelain by urban cartel / cosmos ring by twinklebird / bow pendant by ayakokanari / organic kitty tank by napkin / sheer blouse by andy ve eirn / planter by mudpuppy / pencil cup by fashioned by / card by quill & fox / cake plate by young alexander / paper flowers by franic & francis

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Nice Things No.8

nice things no.8

been losing my mind over this 1920s dress at dear golden

gold metallic clutch from gift shop brooklyn

notebooks from ribbon squirrel

materia prima necklace from studio fludd

linen market bag from studio patro

wooden mini bowls from wind & willow home

new jewellery from young frankk

astrological print from hands workshop

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Nice Things No.7

ombre tights by BZRBZR:

grasp porcelain bowls by bryce wymer:

cat pouch by fill it with diamonds:

j’adore cushion by lovemaki

circle screenprints by sandra thompsen:

textiles by knife in the water:

cat zipper clutch by leah goren:

kafka print from maison paulette:

tops by kertis:

porcelain tumblers by villarreal ceramics:

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Jewelry Designers to Watch

Jessica runs her own PR company & showroom called The Shiny Squirrel that represents & showcases up-and-coming artists, designers and creative businesses. if you wants to know about new designers, shops and other rad things head over to her blog.

A round up some really amazing designers that I have been seeing that would be good for people to watch and buy from!

Emily Miranda:

Estelle Deve:


LAS Jewelry:

Road to Nowhere:

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Nice Things No.6

having a bluesy monday? some light retail therapy might do the trick. nice things no.6.

valentines card from parrott design studio. which reminds me, be sure to check out a mega list of love cards that i compiled over at honey kennedy (just in time for valentines day).

beautifully simple satchel from a room model:

grey & peach zag bowl from up in the air somewhere:

louisa louisa is a cute vintage shop:

odette new york & mcmc fragrances valentine gift set:

printed calligraphy gifts tags from yours is the earth:

sensational vintage jewellery from the deeps:

globe pendants from dylan design co:

herbal lip balms from phoenix botanicals:

johnny cash letterpress print by in haus press:

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