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  • Fashion

    Nice Things No.3

    nice things no.3 – necklace edition. ceramic woven necklace by kate miss: iacoli & mcallister necklace no. ultra at sight unseen: ivory rope necklace by sew a song: tourmaline & silk cord…

  • Stuff

    Nice Things No.2

    Nice Things No.2 – books & magazines edition Food Rules: An Eater’s Manual by Michael Pollan illustrated by Maira Kalman The Gentlewoman issue no.4 The Cheesemonger’s Kitchen Cutting Edges Freunde von Freunden Berlin…

  • Stuff

    Nice Things No.1

    Nice Things no.1. not a these things, but rather a nice things i would buy or even a nice things i think you should buy. desert bag: idea journal: wonderful things card: clutch by…