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    have you seen summertime with katharine hepburn? looks like i need to watch it. screencaps courtesy of marcine miller…

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    cybill shepherd

    i grew up with goofy mid-nineties sitcom cybill, completely oblivious to the fact that she was such a stone cold fox. once again inspired by another amazing

  • Vintage


    ava gardner. beaut. besides being an oscar nominated actress, she was married to mickey rooney, artie shaw & frank sinatra (who she described as the love of her life) and was friends…

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    natalie wood

    “you know what i want? i want yesterday” – natalie wood…

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    it girl

    i’m surprised hollywood hasn’t made a movie about clara bow yet, who had a classic rags to riches tale with a semi sad and tragic ending. i must admit i didn’t know…

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    i looooooooove cowboys! another new years resolution is to marry a cowboy. with a beard.…

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    i can eat fifty eggs

    if you like paul newman (i know i do), then you want to subscribe to this tumblr. it’s like getting a sweet piece of man heaven in your rss reader every morning.…