Shapes by Deapapa

Shapes by Deapapa #missmoss

i’ve always loved creative tote bags, but to be honest i never actually really used them. until i moved into my office this past month. now i find myself needing to tote shit everywhere. before i worked from home, and when i went out i just used my handbag. but now – packed lunches, power cables, bags of apples (yeah i don’t know either) … the life of a freelancer is full of stuff hey? so i smiled to myself when i saw these new totes by Verónica de Arriba of Deapapa today. i should get my hands on one.

Rennes Giveaway!

Rennes giveaway! Enter to win one of these Mini Duffle bags.

the giveaway is now closed. thanks for entering!

Rennes giveaway! Enter to win one of these Mini Duffle bags.

i’ve been looking forward to this giveaway, because i have long been an admirer of Rennes. working from her studio in Boston, Julia has been designing and sewing all her own designs since 2008. she is well known for her exquisite bags and pouches, but also makes clothing and sweet ceramics. right now Rennes is transitioning from an entirely handmade line to having some pieces sewn with local manufacturers. enter the Mini Château Duffle.



even though summer is on the way out for us down south (i wore boots yesterday for the first time!) i can still appreciate some breezy summer wear, especially since i basically spent all last summer in long skirts or dresses.