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    road to joy

    still pining for a road trip / outdoor adventure. in case you didn’t catch that.…

  • Photography

    sort of like a dream? no, better.

    FLIP! i just had to show you this. yosemite national park, 1996, taken by frank caico the perfect accompaniment to this image would be this song: air france – collapsing at your doorstep…

  • Photography


    i want to go to there! it looks like what i imagine summer camp to be… photos by sean marc lee…

  • paris picnic

    le picnique

    picnics might usually be associated with spring & summer, but autumn in the winelands (and south africa in general) is pretty much perfect outdoor weather in my mind. you can sit in…

  • Photography


    i went for a long sunday walk last week in my neighbourhood forest, toting my camera along like a good girl, only to realise that i had left the battery in its…

  • Stuff

    die laaitjie

    friends of mine are going to die laaitjie in robertson for a weekend away. Die Laaitjie is so called as it nestles in the smallest and last of the Dassieshoek valleys in…

  • Photography

    sleeping bags

    these pictures really made me smile. source (come please winter, february is killing me!)…