Laurie Lee Leather

i like these and i want one. they’re hand painted on 100% leather by London based Laurie Lee, who you can of course follow on Instagram.

Martin Wehmer

Martin Wehmer is a German artist based in Hong Kong whose paintings are composed of thick brushstrokes. it almost makes me want to take out a brush and swab thick lobs of paint on my face. that’s not weird, right? Martin Wehmer’s paintings, in thick oil paint, are snapshots of people in…

Food in Art

please enjoy my highly important research findings of Food in Art.  one thing i realised while putting this together is that many artists are completely OBSESSED with donuts. maybe the oozing of the paint reminds them of the oozing of the inside of jam filled donut, but there it is. all images courtesy of Artsy.

Dark as the Night

i’ve spoken about the fact that i love white walls & have never ventured into colour territory when it comes to the walls in my home. right now i’m living with a carefully pale green in the flat i’m renting, which i loathe. more and more i’ve come to realise…


i grew up in a white walls household – it just went with my parent’s ‘modernist’ house and that was that. i still get nervous about putting colour on the walls, though i have toyed with the idea of light grey (hah). my rented flat has a sort of beigey crap colour…