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  • Pichulik Brave Women: Lucie de Moyencourt

    Lucie de Moyencourt

    while i was enjoying the new Pichulik website yesterday i particularly loved their Brave Women series – intimate portraits of the women who wear Pichulik pieces. the first feature is on Lucie de Moyencourt who works as…

  • Emily Ferretti

    Emily Ferretti

    i love the cool hued work of Aussie artist Emily Ferretti. she is represented by the Sophie Gannon Gallery. these pieces also appear in her book! Ferretti’s oil-on-linen paintings of plants, rocks, domestic…

  • Helen Frankenthaler photographed by William Grigsby

    Helen Frankenthaler

    today i’m inspired by the work of legendary abstract expressionist Helen Frankenthaler. her huge colourful paintings look like gigantic watercolours, but are in fact painted with oils & acrylics. Helen would work…

  • Artist: Pepa Prieto

    Pepa Prieto

    i am fascinated by the work of artist Pepa Prieto, who was born in southern Spain, went to boarding school in England and now lives and works in New York. she has…

  • 001-Miss-Moss-Nasturtiums-Felix-Vallotton


    if there’s one thing i will always remember about my mom’s garden, and perhaps my childhood in general, was the abundance of nasturtiums. this humble little flower seemed to grow in every…

  • small-paintings

    Ian Grose

    Ian Grose is an artist who lives in Cape Town whose focus is painting. he has a tumblr called Small Paintings that are, well, small paintings. and extraordinary ones at that. i…

  • 000


    Artsy is fast becoming one of my favourite daily internet check-ins. i’ve discovered so many artists that i probably would never have known about otherwise thanks to it. besides the clean &…

  • maiyet-by-miss-moss-001

    Girl In The Wild

    my friend Amy recently moved away to work at a game lodge in the bush, and though i will seriously miss her while she’s gone (i hate it when friends move away,…

  • Art, Fashion

    Mara & Maria

    i had a bit of a scare this weekend, the blog was down for more almost two days and i didn’t know how to fix it. it’s terrible feeling so helpless, but…

  • ryan

    Ryan Pickart

    i wouldn’t mind being one of Ryan’s girls.…

  • Art

    Michelle Armas

    i really REALLY love the work of artist Michelle Armas. she started painting to cope with the stress of her career in the world of corporate branding, and eventually turned it into a…

  • Art, Fashion


    i had fun making these. in photoshop… not by hand. all images courtesy of fashion gone rogue. please click on the images to be taken to the original editorials.…

  • Art, Film

    The Comparisons Project: Cracks

    Hila picked Cracks for our next comparisons project – a film I have been meaning to watch for ages but just never got round to. i actually find myself watching less and less films…

  • Art, Music

    Gregory Euclide & Bon Iver

    i’ve been holding out on listening to the new Bon Iver album because i’ve been hearing so much about it online and fear a bit of a build up / let down…