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  • Art, Music

    Gregory Euclide & Bon Iver

    i’ve been holding out on listening to the new Bon Iver album because i’ve been hearing so much about it online and fear a bit of a build up / let down…

  • Art, Fashion

    rainy day special

    a series i love so much i actually have to hold myself back from making more. trying to keep these relatively few and far between because i know that if i didn’t…

  • Art

    henri’s flowers

    still life is not my usual fare, but i make an exception for henri fantin-latour whose darkly hued flower paintings have always captivated me. looking through these reminded me of this beautiful post…

  • Art, Fashion

    suno & vallotton

    i was happily browsing the fall 2011 suno collection, all the while thinking – “paintings. just like paintings. the colour. the patterns. aaah, paintings.” (tricky translating my thoughts, but that was the jist of…

  • Art


    south african readers will undoubtedly know the work of pierneef, considered to be one of the ‘old masters’ of south african art. the graphic style of his work & his colour palettes are two…

  • Art, Vintage

    painting woodstock

    this article in the December 1969 edition of US Vogue where they compare scenes from woodstock to famous paintings absolutely made my day – perhaps for obvious reasons. why can’t vogue still…

  • Stuff

    green & gold

    they just make sense together. lovely package dasha shhelochilina francisco apiece apart…

  • Art

    get on my walls

    girl with braids portrait of a russian officer girl in red girl with a swan neck by the commode the two…

  • Art

    Aron Wiesenfeld

    aron wiesenfeld‘s work is astonishing. his charcoal pieces in particular make me stare & stare.…

  • Art


    as you're not allowed to take photos in the museé d'orsay anymore, i decided to write down every painting i liked. notice some of the silly lists i scribbled... (far more difficult…

  • Art

    guim tio

    these paintings are weird and wonderful. by guim tio.

  • Art

    art inconnu

    i have a couple of places that are my go to spots for online art gazing. art inconnu is certainly a favourite, being specifically geared toward little known…