Paloma Wool: Collection No. 5

it’s not often that i post about every collection of a brand, but so is the case with Paloma Wool. the latest collection from Barcelona based designer Paloma Lanna might be the most interesting yet, featuring collaborations with an illustrator and eight ceramic artists. Collection No. 5 revolves around a series…

Paloma Wool: Collection No. 4

the combination of Art + Fashion is pretty much my favourite thing ever, you only need to see all my posts dedicated to this to understand. that’s why i’m digging Collection No. 4 by Paloma Wool – with flavours of Picasso and Matisse, what’s not to like?

Paloma Wool: Collection No. 3

Barcelona based label Paloma Wool have added some lovely new pieces to their collection, along with a KILLER lookbook. girls in rad threads doing Tai Chi, what’s not to love? see my previous posts about Paloma Wool here.

Paloma Wool: Collection No. 1

Barcelona based Paloma Lanna just launched Paloma Wool, in which her interests in fashion and analog photography converge. the collection of limited-edition sweatshirts is produced in Spain, featuring Paloma’s own photographs. there are also some beautiful separate pieces made from natural fabrics, focusing on timeless silhouettes. Paloma Wool is my name…