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    Des Petits Hauts

    i’m not sure when pineapples became the fruit of the moment, but they are certainly enjoying their day in the sun – popping up in every lookbook, photoshoot and fashion editorial i…

  • Pictoresq // Miss Moss


    Stéphanie Delpon and Domitille Dallemagne are founders of Pictoresq, a french online magazine slash shop that sells designer and vintage clothing – all modeled by their own friends. each story features clothes…

  • trevor002

    Trevor Triano

    every now and then you come across a photographer that has an unmistakable eye for detail, soft touches and perfect scenes. browsing through their portfolio is a dream, nothing seems out of…

  • Fashion

    Centre Commercial, Paris

    Centre Commercial is one of those rad Parisian concept stores that sells all sorts of accessories, clothes and accoutrements for men and women. i particularly love their collection of bags and shoes by designers…

  • Photography

    Paris in Colour

    whenever i’m daydreaming about fantasy holidays, looking through the directories of beautiful hotels or checking out cheap flights, my mind always wanders back to paris. i have visited the city a number…

  • Living

    Cabinet Curiosites

    ok first of all – if i had a chance to go to Paris right now i would be willing to stay in a tiny room with no windows in the basement…

  • Photography, Stuff

    Oh, Paris!

    Oh Paris, I like to see you in the rain, pretty girls in black berets, reading books in in sad cafes… – Dent May what! did we just go back in time…

  • Vintage

    ballerinas in paris

    ballerinas during a rehearsal for swan lake at the grand opera de paris in 1930 photos by alfred eisenstaedt, courtesy of life magazine.…

  • Food

    rose bakery

    i would have liked to pop into rose bakery when i was in paris recently, which is a popular eatery for lunch & brunch on the weekends (the concept of which is apparently…

  • Art


    as you're not allowed to take photos in the museé d'orsay anymore, i decided to write down every painting i liked. notice some of the silly lists i scribbled... (far more difficult…

  • Food, Photography, Stuff

    i ate a lot of cheese

    i can get by in a foreign city on very little – and paris is no exception. i’m talking food, here. give me a baguette and some cheese and i’m pretty much…