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    paris people

    i wish i could have taken photos of every single rad and interesting person i saw in paris, but i didn’t want to be that creepy girl that took photos of strangers…

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    Photography, Stuff


    the best place to have a picnic, doze off in a garden chair, people watch, go for a stroll, take your dog for le poop (pick it up please), read a book, spend…

  • Photography

    i’m so glad you’re here

    hello tuesday! it’s always nice to see you, monday is so crap. this mountain goat could probably stare down marina abramović, hey? here are some more silly photos to get your tuesday rolling in…

  • Photography

    on the beach

    on the beach is a collection of super large format images by american photographer richard misrach, taken from a room in a high rise hotel in hawaii over the course of 3…

  • Photography

    bless you

    dudes, i have such bad hayfever this season. i feel like these guys look, all the time.…

  • Vintage

    the life of a poet

    i found these old pics of poet rod mckuen over at life magazine. somehow, this is how i imagine poets to spend their days. you know - maxing…

  • doyle-01

    thomas doyle

    My work mines the debris of memory through the creation of intricate worlds sculpted in 1:43 scale and smaller. Often sealed under glass, the works depict the remnants of things past—whether major,…

  • dominic-nahr-01

    dominic nahr

    dominic nahr – photojournalist. story at the ny times, thanks to henno for bringing him to my attention…

  • birkin
    Fashion, Photography

    jane birkin

    she’s one of those swinging sixties, between london & paris, don’t really know what she did / does (acting? singing? modelling?), gets naked a lot (but in that sixties way) vintage babes…

  • krislewis-promisebroken

    kris lewis

    i would buy every single portrait. if i had money. kris lewis art…