thomas doyle






My work mines the debris of memory through the creation of intricate worlds sculpted in 1:43 scale and smaller. Often sealed under glass, the works depict the remnants of things past—whether major, transformational experiences, or the quieter moments that resonate loudly throughout a life. In much the way the mind recalls events through the fog of time, the works distort reality through a warped and dreamlike lens.

thomas doyle‘s miniature worlds, in a similar vein as amy bennett & jonah samson

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giancarlo rado

a portrait of Italy as seen through the lens of working activity – more at giancarlo rado’s flickr.

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dominic nahr

dominic nahr – photojournalist. story at the ny times, thanks to henno for bringing him to my attention

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cool dudes


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jane birkin

she’s one of those swinging sixties, between london & paris, don’t really know what she did / does (acting? singing? modelling?), gets naked a lot (but in that sixties way) vintage babes - with a handbag named after her. herewith follows some photos, just because she’s cool. some are slightly nsfw (as she enjoys the nude, respect).

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kris lewis

i would buy every single portrait. if i had money. kris lewis art

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50 people, one question

i rediscovered this video today. love it!  visit their website.

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