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    m.i.a. at last night’s met costume institute gala. if the word fierce didn’t suck so much now, it would apply here. go here to see the rest of my favourites (christina hendricks…

  • Fashion

    mystery girl

    i’m coming across this lady on different blogs and i have no idea who she is. do you? all i know is i just loved that image of her in the pink…

  • Fashion

    cinder and skylark

    i get sort of stupidly excited every time i discover a local blog that sparks my interest (they’re not easy to find in the midst of billions of other websites, you know).…

  • Fashion


    i cannot fault her style…

  • Fashion, Vintage


    net-a-porter has a nice little get the look magazine feature on grace kelly right now…

  • Fashion

    Bumper Fashion Special No. 19

    you know, i’ve been skimping on the bumper fashion specials lately, mostly because i haven’t come across a lot of summer stuff that i find very inspiring (especially since at least 90%…

  • Fashion, Film

    mélanie laurent

    mélanie laurent is a parisian born french actress - as i suspected, chic all the way…

  • Fashion

    carine + yasmin by garance

    there are these new photo stories over at french vogue by garance doré profiling well known fashion people…

  • yasmin1

    yasmin sewell

    another street style fav, on the sartorialist often but also garance and others.…

  • GS 01

    perhaps pierre, monique?

    geraldine saglio – fashion stylist at french vogue. she’s french, she’s cool and she has insanely long legs. sigh.…