New Year State of Mind

apart from the quick wedding dresses post, it’s taken me a while to get back into the swing of things around here. i only officially go back to work next week, so i guess my mind is still kind of on holiday (and i’m savouring sleeping in and having late breakfasts while i still can). but the real reason is that it’s simply taken me so long to catch up with what’s been happening online for the better part of a month. i think my bloated google reader is haunting my dreams.

like many i’ve been thinking a lot about what i want for myself, and what i want for the blog, in this new year. it’s always a good time to reflect on what you’d like to do more of, what you’d like to do less of, what you’d like to try out or experiment with. i read a post by Erin about slow blogging and it really resonated with me.  Joy’s 2013 resolutions also gave me pause. well, there have been plenty of wonderfully insightful posts by bloggers who i admire about their hopes for the year, their work, their blogs, their life – too many to list here – so i thought i’d share some of mine.

1. cook more. keep it simple. share the recipes.

image: shaved cauliflower salad by happy yolks

i’d have to say that one of my biggest failures last year (and the year before that, and and and) has all to do with my eating & cooking habits. besides the fact that my jeans feel, ahem, a little tight after the holidays – i want to make a concerted effort to eat out less, plan our meals, stick to a budget, not waste what’s in the fridge, keep a well stocked pantry, eat less meat, eat less sugar, eat more veggies. basically be less lazy, take less shortcuts and be more prepared.

but above all learn more about food! what goes well with what, discover what my favourite herbs are, be able to whip up something delicious from scratch in 15 minutes. a skill that will serve me (and the people i cook for) well.

i like the idea behind Hugh’s Three Good Things“Put three good things together on a plate and, somehow, the whole is always greater and more delicious than the sum of its parts.” yes, i really like the idea of that. Jessica and i are planning on starting up another food series – on the regular – so i’ll at least be getting a bit of professional help on this front.

2. discover and share more music.

have you heard the new bowie?

i know that people love the music mixes – and i love them too, but in the past year i haven’t found (or made) a lot of time to put them together as often as i used to. to be honest with you, i don’t think i’ll be making music mixes anymore. apart from the logistical reasons, i’d really like to talk about individual musicians or bands more often, focus on one at a time and encourage people to buy their music. the greatest response i always get to the mixes is that people discover new music that they end up falling in love with – so my goal will be to keep that up. all in all, expect more music posts!

3. take more photos. with an actual camera.

photo by me.

they don’t have to be amazing, but i’d like to learn more about photography and what my camera can actually do. when i look back at my photos the last time i picked up a real camera was for jessica & luke’s wedding in october 2011. and before that was when i was in Paris in 2010. twenty ten. every single photo taken since then has been with my iphone. which is wonderful in it’s convenience, i suppose, but actually pretty shameful considering how much i love taking photos.

4. expand the cape town city guide. get out more!

photo by me

boy oh boy can i be a homebody sometimes. not sometimes, all the time. i love being at home. i can go a couple of days without leaving the house (if there’s food in the fridge, that is). but this year i’d like to get out more. and what better place than cape town and surrounds? next time i’m out and about and i walk past that new coffee shop, or eat at that new restaurant in the winelands i’ll take along my camera (thanks goal no.3), snap some pics and share it with you all.

5. don’t panic about the wedding planning. too blessed to be stressed.

above: a lovely gathering photographed by Yossy Arefi

this is obviously a goal specific to this year, but i can already see that i must not allow myself to stress about planning our wedding. above all i need to relinquish control to people close to us who want to help – this is not the moment to just do everything yourself. i keep thinking “i just want everyone to have a great time”. but they will, of course, no matter where we get married, what food they eat or whether the DJ plays Gangnam Style when we specifically asked him not to.

what are your goals for the new year? i’d love to hear them. and if you have any tips for achieving any of the above – eating well, planning a wedding – please feel free to comment! i think 2013 will be a goodie.




hello! i am still away on holiday, but i thought i’d let you know (if you don’t follow me on twitter or instagram) that Anton and i got engaged yesterday! we got up at 5am to go watch the sun rise over the sea from the cliffs at Kei. i jumped out of the car as soon as we got there to snap some pics on my iPhone, like a true instagram nerd, and when i turned around to look at him he asked… and I said yes. oh, what a feeling.

we drank some champagne and i quickly downloaded an app so we could take a self timed photo (the reception was really great on that hill) and then some curious Nguni cattle came to witness the whole thing. it was the most amazing morning, and we are still in a glorious, happy daze.

i will be back in the swing of things from next week. hope that everyone had a great holiday season, looking forward to the year to come!


See You Soon


this is where i’ll be.

this post is bittersweet because on the one hand i am on holiday (yes!!) but on the other hand it means i will be taking a break from the blog for a couple of weeks. we are road tripping up to the wild coast – a pretty unspoiled part of the country that i am really, really eager to explore over Christmas and new years. usually i keep the blog running during the holiday break, but we will have little to no internet access (actually we’ll hardly have cellphone reception, which is pretty nice) – so i decided that for once i’m going to take an actual break. i’m sure that everyone can relate at this time of the year, you just want to get away from it all right?

but you can still enter the Cardigan giveaway that is running until next monday! and when you’ve done that you can explore almost 4 years of archives that are at your fingertips (or mouse click, whatever).

i’ll leave you with some of my favourite posts of the year. have a wonderful holiday season! see you in 2013.

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we took a much needed break this weekend and were lucky enough to spend a day with family at the amazing Amathunzi Nature Reserve (less than two hours outside Cape Town – man i love this country). if you follow me on instagram you might have seen my pics of our sunset visit from some zebras – including 2 babies – a herd of eland and an adorably lonely bontebok. consequently i’ve been catching up on work today, but check in tomorrow… a new music mix is on the horizon.

ps: all of these pics were taken on my iphone, snapped using the amazing pro hdr app – perfect for low light situations, or even when the sun is too bright for a decent photo. smart phones are amazing.


Jessica & Luke’s Wedding

so i told you last week that my pals Jessica & Luke were getting married over the weekend. i was a bridesmaid along with Jessica’s twin sister Debra, and also one of the many unofficial official photographers. i’m really happy with how these photos came out – and even happier that i could capture some special moments from the day.

i have been witnessing the planning of this wedding from the day that Jessica and Luke got engaged. it was always going to be an intimate affair, with minimum fuss and a focus on everyone just enjoying themselves. they got married in the church Jessica and her family have attended since she was a kid, and had their reception down the road at their restaurant Nook. there were burgers and beer (my favourite), fries and mayonnaise to dip them in (my second favourite) and even devilled eggs (probably my all-time favourite).

i don’t have any photos from the actual ceremony, and my picture taking habits got increasingly worse the more we ate, drank and chatted – which is exactly what this wedding was all about. good times & celebrating with our favourite people.

the flowers were done by Hermien of Flowers in the Foyer – the funnest wedding flowers i have ever seen.


You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.

this little blog has been going for almost 3 years now, and as it grew i began to receive enquiries about advertising & sponsorship opportunities from people all over the world. i’ve been holding off on that for a long time, because i wanted the blog to grow and develop naturally and, to be honest, i didn’t even really know what i was doing! to say that it has exceeded my expectations is a vast understatement – i enjoy blogging more with every day, and i often daydream about having more time to discover, create and share interesting content.

the main reason why i have made the decision to open the blog up to sponsorship is so that it would relieve some of the pressures of real life (i.e. paying bills) and will hopefully allow me to put more of my time and energy into the blog – because i LOVE doing it. and i want to keep doing it.

so, this is my first step in making my blog a grown up… or a young adult, if you will. i have been quite busy this week working on a new design which i launched yesterday (for those of you subscribed via rss – please take a look!) and you may have noticed that there is an entirely new sidebar to the right… just waiting to be filled with potential sponsors.

if you’re interested in advertising please email me at and i will send along a fancy little pdf containing information about my stats and rates. there will be six ad spots available to buy on a month by month basis.

i find this picture quite funny because i don’t even have an iMac, haha.

in other news, one of my best and oldest friends Jessica and her fiancé Luke are getting married this weekend! you may remember Jessica from our now-stalled food series, as well as her blog & restaurant Nook. i am an official unofficial wedding photographer so hopefully i’ll be able to share some shots with you next week (as long as i get permission!)


Bits of My Weekend

things have been quiet around here the past few days because it was my birthday on friday. i was treated to an amazing weekend away in Greyton, so we hightailed it outta here after lunch time on friday & didn’t look at the internet for the next few days – except to update instagram (which i only recently started using… seems that i am a super late adopter of anything iphone related). amongst my birthday booty was a beautiful home-made lamp from amy, 12 mini tres leches cakes and a basket of cheese & charcuterie courtesy of jessica & luke (my friends know me too well). i was also spoilt with a new kindle (yay!) which means a lot of time was spent lying around reading the hunger games. not sure if i should be embarrassed about that since it technically falls into the “young adult” genre… i’m still a young adult at 28, right?

*Bits of My Weekend title sneakily borrowed from Kate – who is amazing at documenting her weekends.


Bits of my (long) weekend

one of the best things about this past long, long glorious amazing easter weekend was that i “forced” myself to take my camera around with me. truth is, i’m a lazy photographer. i’m bad at documenting things – something i really should be doing because my memory fails me on an almost daily basis.

so i was thrilled when kate asked me to contribute a post to her new bits of my weekend guest series. kate’s bits of my weekend posts are just one of the many reasons i love her blog, and every single time monday rolls around and she shares her photos i think dang it, why don’t i take more photos? check out my guest post here.

here are a couple of outtakes, these were shot in a little vintagey bric-a-brac shop called sunshine trading at the old harbour in kleinmond (a town next to betty’s bay.) if you’ve ever cruised the coastal road between hermanus and gordon’s bay you’ve probably stopped in there. and if you haven’t – you should. i was pretty close to buying that crying girl print. but it was kind of steep at R850, and i wasn’t sure if i could handle her sad face staring down at me all the time, eyes-a-quiver. someone go get her!

ps: see the rest of my weekend photos at flickr



jakob alt – 1836

spending time in a studio, whether it’s in front of an easel by the window or just at a desk, is probably my favourite pastime. unfortunately i don’t make that a priority any more – somewhere between work, eating, sleeping, friends & family, i lose my spare hours mostly to procrastination and the internet. how can i not, considering the never ending supply of awesome it presents me with? that’s no excuse though (and believe me, i’ve tried to make excuses). less internet, less computers... these are things i need to work on.

i know that it’s ironic considering i’m saying this on my blog – but maybe an affirmation is needed here.

replace facebook, youtube & yelp with art, design & fashion blogs (by david fullerton)

if you feel similarly, or perhaps there’s another aspect of your life you have been neglecting or just want to work on, you should check out mnmlist, a project about minimalism by the guy who brought us zen habits (a great website about simplifying your life and focusing on what’s important). leo doesn’t update mnmlist too often, but that’s kind of the point. one of my favourite posts is about making small changes, and i like his article about taking a digital vacation.

recovering lazyholic