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  • Gluta


    Gluta was a stray dog found on the streets of Thailand and nursed back to health by her new owner Sorasart Wisetsin, consequently making her the happiest dog in the world.…

  • 001

    Man’s Best Friend

    i am still as broody for pets as i always have been. we are waiting for the right time (or rather, home) to finally get a dog – and my yearning for…

  • 001 [660]

    The Silence of Dogs in Cars

    The Silence of Dogs in Cars is a project by photographer Martin Usborne. it is as beautiful and striking as it is sad and upsetting… and sometimes, oddly amusing. i have picked…

  • Photography

    Animal Love

    i’m going to revive the photo bomb series because my flickr favourites are so vast, but i’ve decided to share new, old and favourite photographers theme by theme because otherwise all you…

  • Art

    Dog Portraits

    these are simply too cute not to share –  dog portraits by Itsuko Suzuki…

  • Photography

    Dog Portraits

    i’m a huge fan of Mark Peckmezian‘s photography, especially his series of portraits that i end up favouriting every time he uploads a new one. he has a set on flickr dedicated…

  • Photography

    Pastel Deaths

    there are a a number of things i really don’t enjoy seeing on Flickr (weird nudes, for example) – one of them is photos of dead animals. 99% of time it’s road…

  • Vintage


    this article about cats made my day. from life magazine, 1946. some of my favourite bits: perhaps half of all the cats, have semipermanent homes in barns, stables, factories, office buildings, restaurants,…

  • Stuff

    hug a dog day

    i’m declaring this international hug a dog day. they love it, you love it – everybody wins. photo credits: sisilia piring / atypicalart / li-han lin…

  • Stuff

    made me smile

    things that made me smile this week… peggy in the latest mad men episode – “you look swellegant!” this picture: classic jane birkin: this lady’s outfit: this what i wore drawing: this old…

  • Photography

    oh my

    i'm not really a fan of pets smaller than cats, but this is too cute.