i want to go even more now. from photographer bob o’connor

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this dude takes rad macro photos of his son’s toys.

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seydou keïta

seydou keïta – a pretty extensive collection from neville trickett, right here

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let’s go! from lynann colligan’s etsy

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i first went to paris in 2005 … i haven’t looked at these photos basically since then (probably because they’re on my computer & not on actual film in an album!) it might sound cliché, but i fell in love with paris right there & then – and have been lucky enough to return twice since. more photos at my flickr.

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balloon breakfast


via david sykes

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recovering lazyholic

Colorful reminders spattered all about my house might make me more prone to living my life a little better. that or give the appearance that i am completely incapable of being an adult without visual aides. I can’t seem to stop myself from adding more and more.

ha ha oh, i just love it! from recovering lazyholic, entire set here.

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show offs




psh! like i’d want to live in some charming beach front mexican casa complete with pink water and former burberry models. whatevs. via the selby

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