exquisite black and white portraits shot by the69th

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kevin kunstadt

WOW. looking at kevin kunstadt‘s photos would make my eyeballs fall out of their sockets and roll around on the floor if that were possible (…. is it?) hasselblad photos tend to get this reaction out of me, but these really are spectacular.

all photos belong to kevin kunstadt

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girls on film

thought i’d share some recent flickr favourites. oh, the quality. people are too talented for their own good!

gidi culus

tony katai

laurence philomene

katarina smuraga

lina scheynius

rogier houwen

andrew nedimye

geneviève bjargardóttir

john kelso

anabel navarro

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alex prager

i LOVE alex prager‘s photos. picking my favourites was the most difficult thing i have had to do all week. i decided to limit myself to ten, but visit her site to see everything… everything.

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turkish holiday

maria kopytova went to turkey and took these photos. then my head exploded from jealousy.

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caitlin bellah

21 year old caitlin bellah is a mega talented photographer. “I like making my photos look like paintings”

all photos by caitlin bellah

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liivia s.

i just LOVE liivia’s photos. something incredibly comforting about them. she has great a knack for colour, too.

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m-i-s-s-i-s-s-i-p-p-i. i want to go to there. photographs by missy prince.

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