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  • Fashion

    lena hoschek

    austrian designer lena hoschek‘s spring summer 2011 collection after assisting vivienne westwood at her london studio, lena hoschek started her own label in 2006 at the age of 24. her collections do…

  • Art, Vintage

    guy hoff

    guy hoff was an american illustrator (1889-1962)

  • Vintage

    air dita

    i’m so tied up with real & personal work right now that i’ve neglected to blog anything worthwhile in the past few days. unfortunately that will continue for a couple more days…

  • Art

    parisian pin-ups

    Jean-Gabriel Domergue (1889—1962) was a French painter specialising in portraits of Parisian women…

  • enoch-01

    enoch bolles

    enoch bolles, pin-up / glamour illustrator – pics via bolles biggest fan. ( i LOVE that polar bear pic )…