Cats Cats Meow Art!

this made me smile – cat inspired art, pins and other goodies by designer Nia Gould aka Niaski. she took inspiration from her own cats: Sampson, Frankenstein, Salvador and Socket. Henri Catisse probably made me laugh the most. you can shop everything at her Etsy shop.


new Datter, new Datter! that’s what i shouted in my mind when i got a mail from Kaye Blegvad with her new collection for Datter Industries. she has jewels in both silver and brass, so whatever may strike your fancy (i’m a brass girl, myself). i have a feeling the…

Pins by Marianne Batlle

i’ve been marvelling at these beaded pins by French artist Marianne Batlle, not just because of how painstakingly detailed they are – but also the fact that you can actually recognise all the famous characters. how many can you identify?

Pins, Pins, Pins

ABOVE: Life Lessons pins have you guys noticed that enamel pins have become a thing? recently i’ve seen so many rad ones popping up all around the place, and people rocking them in my Instagram feed. and because they’re mostly being made by talented illustrators and designers they’re all super rad. here are some…