kosie farmer

i’m lucky enough to own a few signed original prints by obie oberholzer (thanks to a generous friend), and this one is by far my favourite – both sweet and sad.

rudolf schlichter

portrait of karola neher – 1929 – rudolf schlichter found via art inconnu – an absolute treasure trove of forgotten & under-appreciated artists.


margeurite kelsey – 1928 – meredith frampton sources: painting + photo

blue violinist

Marie-Anne Weber au Violon Alto (1903) – Théo van Rysselberghe i usually have a pretty tough time deciding what the daily painting is going to be (so many!) but this blue – i love this blue.


Portrait of Lillah McCarthy (1920) – Ambrose McEvoy {image source}


Portrait of Elizy (1905) – Stanisław Wyspiański actually a pastel, ho hum (should this be a daily art post? no, too broad). highly recommend googling him for more pastelly goodness.

Una, Lady Troubridge

Una, Lady Troubridge (1924) – Romaine Brooks i love this portrait, so delightfully eccentric. and her name is just perfect – UNA.

lovis corinth

Women’s Half-portrait with Straw Hat (1898) – Lovis Corinth i’ve decided to start doing a daily painting post. i don’t think it warrants an explanation, it’s just that i like paintings a lot.