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  • Art, Fashion

    rainy day special

    a series i love so much i actually have to hold myself back from making more. trying to keep these relatively few and far between because i know that if i didn’t…

  • Photography

    john kelso

    i clicked through to john kelso‘s website after following his work on flickr for a while, and he opens with: my name is john kelso. i like to take pictures and play with my…

  • Art, Vintage

    Figure / Figure

    arleen whelan / robert henri – edna luise rainer / egon schiele – edith schiele seated sophia loren / gustav klimt – portrait of johanna staude gary cooper / gustave courbet –…

  • Art, Vintage

    Portrait / Portrait

    i’ve been looking for a reason to do another one of these posts. truth is they’ve been featured on some of my favourite blogs lately, and i’ve received many kind emails from…

  • Design

    attribute portraits

    i bookmarked these portraits by jelmar geertsma before i even had the blog, and by some happy circumstance rediscovered them this week when i was trawling through old favourites on a mission…

  • Art

    the brilliant magpie

    cute watercolour portrait prints available at the brilliant magpie…

  • Art

    get on my walls

    girl with braids portrait of a russian officer girl in red girl with a swan neck by the commode the two…

  • Art

    annie kevans

    some of my favourite pieces from annie kevans…

  • Art

    william merritt chase

    william merritt chase might be my favourite portrait painter ever. or one of, at the very least.…

  • Photography

    girls on film

    thought i'd share some recent flickr favourites. oh, the quality. people are too talented for their own good!

    gidi culus

  • Art

    guim tio

    these paintings are weird and wonderful. by guim tio.

  • Art, Vintage

    guy hoff

    guy hoff was an american illustrator (1889-1962)

  • Photography

    head stand

    i love these so much… head stand self portraits by stephen t.c. morris…