Brittany Nicol Fabry

Brittany Nicol Fabry takes beautiful portraits. i would love to be photographed by (someone as talented as) her.

all photographs by Brittany Nicol Fabry

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Mariam Sitchinava

i’ve posted about mariam sitchinava before, and she proves to be a consistent favourite every time i check in and see her new work. some of her latest stuff is too good not to share – here are some of my favourites (tough to choose). i really love the work she did for sessun / urban outfitters, see more of that here.

all by mariam sitchinava

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Michael Wells

michael wells is a photographer whose portfolio spans from interiors to portraiture to landscapes to cityscapes to other interesting work like the border projects… i got lost in it for quite a while, i tell you. i am particularly drawn to his interior shots that are so richly hued, and the same can be said for his portraits which are also magnificent. go have a browse.

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Sunshine, I saw you through the hanging vine…

it might be time to get out my old camera out and play around with some black and white film again. quite tricky, but so worth it when you manage to get it right. here are some old and new black & white photos i’ve been enjoying.

- blanca galindo

- old chum

- mark peckmezian

- what makes the pie shops tick?

- hari roser

- frank horvat

- szamil

- atypical art

- maya fiala grau

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rainy day special

a series i love so much i actually have to hold myself back from making more. trying to keep these relatively few and far between because i know that if i didn’t they would become boring. it would be like eating pancakes every day. where’s the fun in that? pancakes are so good because you only have them now and then – usually when it’s raining. apparently only a south african / afrikaans thing … or … something only my mom did? consequently not a rainy day goes by without the thought of pancakes now. anyway, i think you get it. colour comparisons = pancakes in this roundabout analogy.

see the rest of the colour comparisons.

ps: it’s not actually raining here, but i hope it is somewhere.

lee olivieramaurice denis – parisians at the seaside, evening

altamirawilliam merritt chase – portrait of miss e.

streetstyle aestheticcharles w. hawthorne – woman in green

style sightings / charles ernest rodolphe henri lehmann – faustine leo

trendy crew / mucha – portrait of maruska

vanessa jackmanedouard manet – parisienne, portrait of madame jules guillemet

the sartorialistcharles w. hawthorne – the lovers

the sartorialistmary cassatt – the letter

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do you realise? that you have the most beautiful face.

do you realise? that you have the most beautiful face
do you realise? we’re floating in space
do you realise? that happiness makes you cry
do you realise? that everyone you know someday will die

i love this song. thanks flaming lips.

- by moxette

- by chrissie white

- by julie lansom

- by varya vedeneeva

- by paradoks cat

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john kelso

i clicked through to john kelso‘s website after following his work on flickr for a while, and he opens with:

my name is john kelso. i like to take pictures and play with my dog (copernicus)

copernicus! if that doesn’t spark INSTANT LIKABILITY … then his photographs surely will.

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Figure / Figure

arleen whelan / robert henri – edna

luise rainer / egon schiele – edith schiele seated

sophia loren / gustav klimt – portrait of johanna staude

gary cooper / gustave courbet – the desperate man (aka the man made by fear)

marilyn monroe / john white alexander – june

june allyson / tatiana gorb – schoolgirl*

*thanks vladimir

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